The rover has received samples of material from inside the stone

Mars Rover Curiosity got the first samples of the substance inside the drilled rock

NASA Curiosity rover for the first time during the study of the Red Planet has received samples of material from inside the stone drilled them. Within a few days of stone dust will be forwarded to the chemical laboratory inside the rover, told reporters the representatives of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA.

Scientists have got pictures of miniature rover bucket filled with stone powder, drill "drill» Curiosity.

In early February, the machine that runs on the surface of Mars in August 2012, drilled its manipulator mounted on a miniature drill two holes in the flat stone, called "John Kline» (John Klein) — in honor of one of the project leaders rover, who died in 2011 , RIA "Novosti".

"Type of powder ladle allowed us to make sure that we first collected samples while drilling stone. Many of us have worked years for this day, "- said the expert on the drilling system Curiosity Scott McCloskey.

In turn, an expert on collection of samples Joel Gurovits shared with the press that the research team was surprised to see that the resulting drilling samples were not normal for Mars rusty-red color that is associated with the oxidation. According to him, their gray color indicates that they can give information on the fate of iron.

Gurovitsa colleague Louis Dzhendara noted that the obtained samples could provide information about the conditions on Mars billions of years ago.

Curiosity rover landed on Mars Aug. 6, 2012. Landing is located in the Gale crater in the southern hemisphere of the planet. On board Curiosity are ten scientific instruments a total weight of 75 kilograms, intended for detailed geological and geochemical surveys, study of the atmosphere and the climate of the planet, and her search for water traces of organic substances.

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