The Russian group Transas (TRANsport SAfety Systems)

Transas is one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech products that are in demand all over the world.

The core of the group of companies is established in 1990 in St. Petersburg, ZAO Transas (Company History: year after year). Total staff of companies within the group Transas than 1,800 people. The distribution network of representative offices in 110 countries. The production is certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001. The annual turnover of Transas Group by 2009 reached $ 250 million

Transas Marine aircraft equipment has been used successfully more than 7,000 commercial vessels worldwide, accounting for about 20% of the world market.
Over 3 million e-cards sold to users around the world. The collection consists of Transas more than 15,000 cards, accounting for more than a third of the world market.
Transas supplied some 10,000 electronic mapping systems and several million e-cards. Company firmly holds 40% of the world market EX.
More than 5000 Transas simulator systems installed in the teaching and training centers from 73 countries of the world. Transas keeps 45% of the world shipping market commercial simulators.
150 of coastal Transas VTS successfully delivered and operated more than 90 ports of 50 countries.
On-board equipment for aircraft supplied to Russian and foreign shipping company. The company's specialists have established More than 100 integrated onboard systems ABRIS working on GLONASS / GPS.
More than 400 aircraft and helicopters equipped with an early warning system closer to the ground.
Helicopter simulators Transas Group is the main technical tool for training of flight personnel in the Russian Federation. Fitted and in production More than 25 trainers, including 7 of D (Customer — "GAZPROMAVIA", "Ilyushin Finance Co.", "UTair", "United Aircraft Corporation").

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