The Russian national football team for the fifth time winning the tournament veterans Legends Cup

The Russian national team won an international football tournament veterans "Legends Cup" in Moscow. In the final, the Russians won the team competition with a score of 9:6 in Ukraine. "Legends Cup" — was held in Moscow for the fifth time. This time the game was held at the Small Sports Arena "Luzhniki". By tradition, the competition brought together former stars of Europe's leading football nations. The Russian national team confidently reached the finals, where they met with Ukraine. Goals in a playoff in the Russians said Dmitry Alenichev (3 goals), Andrey Tikhonov (2), Alexei Smertin, Yegor Titov, Alexander Shmarko and goalkeeper Dmitry Goncharov.


For Russian footballers today's victory was the fifth in a row in the tournament's history. Previously, they became owners of the trophy in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Portugal squad won the "bronze". In the match for third place Portuguese team defeated the Netherlands with a score of 9:4.

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