The Russian system of dynamic positioning icebreaker project 22600

Company "Navis" signed a contract to supply a redundant (DP2) dynamic positioning systems on laid at the end of last year to the "Baltic Plant 'newest icebreaker project 22600.
For the operation of dynamic positioning systems and its constituent elements in extreme ice conditions will be implemented by a number of design decisions. In particular, due to the fact that the vessel will have a double hull has a special solution for the output condition of underwater sonar antenna positioning system: ckvoz both housings is routed shaft with double overlap, respectively at the first and second body.
In addition, all members of the dynamic positioning system sensors will be heated, which will allow the project icebreaker 22600 use the system in extreme weather conditions of the Russian North.
Delivery will be made under the supervision of the PMPC.
The vessel is scheduled for delivery in 2014, will be used for the ice channeling of caravans on the Northern Sea Route and maintenance of works on the shelf.
Dynamic positioning system — hardware and software system that enables high-precision automatically deduct the specified position and heading of the vessel at the expense of its own propulsion system. LLC "Baltic Shipyard — ship" (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, USC) October 10, 2012 laid the diesel-electric icebreaker project 22600 25 MW to "Rosmorport".
The decision to transfer Baltic Plant contract for the construction of a series of diesel-electric icebreakers was taken at a meeting chaired by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The contract provides for the construction of one line of diesel-electric icebreaker new project 22600 25 MW, as well as three linear diesel-electric icebreakers new project 21900 M 17.4 MW capacity. The total contract value is 20.4 billion rubles.
Project 22600 — this line of diesel-electric icebreaker LK-25. It is unique in that capacity (25 MW), twice as strong as icebreakers series "Captain Sorokin," which are currently based diesel icebreakers Russia. His ice-covered is 2 m A new type of diesel-powered icebreaker in the Arctic as the demand for caravans through ice on the Northern Sea Route and in the exploration of the shelf. LK-25 can independently conduct convoys, or work in conjunction with an atomic icebreaker lead.

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