The Russian team won the 2008 World Championship for Aerobatic Yak-52

Held in Novosibirsk at the World Championships in aerobatics in a Yak-52, won the Russian national team. In its structure were Anton Berkutov, Serey Iliukhin and Michael Bezdenezhnykh. The second place team from Lithuania and third were athletes from Belarus.

 The competition was attended by the best pilots athletes from Russia, Belgium, Lithuania, South Africa, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Finland.

By the way, in the individual standings of the first places were occupied by members of the Russian team, "gold" in the category "arbitrary complex" Anton Berkutova (3,928.06 points) and in the "qualification" of Sergei Ilyuhina (3847.44).

This past weekend hosted the opening of the World competition and festival, a traditional "Airshow 2008".

According to the press service, during the World Cup performances by modelers team Novosibirsk region flypast different aircraft of all generations from light aircraft to combat the SU-24 and SU-27. In demonstrations athletes participated in helicopters, aerobatic planes and gliders, jet technology. First held in Novosibirsk stunts famous aerobatic team "Russian Knights" on the Su-27.

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