The Rybinsk reservoir rapidly disappearing fish


23.06.11.Issledovaniya showed that the fish in the water was less, and it does not have time to grow to large sizes. That's because the fishermen is almost more than the object of prey.

Ichthyologists also noted that the period of maturation of fish declined vdvoe.Eto found during an expedition conducted by scientists on board the vessel "Akademik Topchiev"

— Fish have nowhere to spawn. Right now the whole coast clogged networks. When the fish are spawning — around one net worth. They continue to fish when we trawled with ichthyologists to account for fish trawl clung to these networks, hung with skeletons of fish — the story "Yaroslav" chief researcher IBIW RAS Alexander Litvinov.

Among the factors influencing the disappearance of aquatic inhabitants — the lack of control of the marginal rate of the catch, as well as natural processes: in artificial ponds productivity decreases.

Restore strength can catch tight control and the fight against poaching, scientists say.

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