The State Duma was wondering about the production of the MiG-31

The State Duma was wondering about the production of the MiG-31
The State Duma of the Russian Federation 11 April 2013 on the initiative of the defense committee will hold hearings on the «Renewal of the MiG-31: Reality and Prospects»
According to the member of the State Duma Defense Committee Alexander Tarnaeva new aircraft needed to better control the air space of the Russian Federation, which cover at low altitudes is performed only on the third and on the huge — half the area of ​​the country.

In addition, according to the views of the deputy, in recent years significantly increased military threat from NATO. Namely, it is about the approximation of the military infrastructure to the borders of the Russian Federation, the development of missile defense deployment of strategic conventional high-precision weapons and planned «large-scale militarization of cosmic space.»

According to the defense committee conducting the currently programm modernization interceptor MiG-31 and MiG-31BM version does not cover will allow to increase the effectiveness of the air space of the Russian Federation. In addition, the MPs said that the idea of ​​adopting new Su-35 and T-50 (PAK FA) to fulfill the role of the MiG-31 is questionable, since these aircraft initially designed to perform different kind of tasks.

Technical groundwork for the resumption of production of upgraded versions of the MiG-31 on the territory of Russia there. Namely, according to the Committee, in units, also at the Perm Motor Plant and repair plant in Gatchina stored about a thousand D-30F6 engines for MiG-31. These power plants will suffice for establishing and upgrading itself little 300 interceptors with operational resources in 20 years.

In addition, manufacturing companies have kept a large part of production capacity, technological infrastructure and documentation necessary to resume assembly of the MiG-31. In the end, the defense industry complex prepared several proposals to modernize the complex avionics and weapons fighter-interceptor.

Before taking a decision on the resumption of production of the MiG-31, defense committee wants to assess the quantitative need for troops in the new aircraft type itself, the ability of firms to produce fighter aircraft weapons. It is also planned to evaluate the amount of funding the resumption of production and the time that you need to implement this had spent puzzles.

Fighter-interceptor MiG-31 was developed in the USSR in the first half of the 1970s. The plane is capable of speeds up to 3 thousand kilometers per hour, and its combat radius of 720 km. Aircraft armed with six-barreled gun, 23 mm gun with 260 rounds, also resettled six suspension points for missiles «air-air» of various types.

Upgraded MiG-31BM can detect targets at ranges of up to 320 km and hit them at a distance of 280 km. The full amount of the MiG-31 different versions of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation is about 190 units. A group of four MiG-31, depending on the version can control the air space over the front length of 900-1200 km.

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