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25.10.12.Rasschitatsya for a product in this French supermarket you can without taking out of his pocket money or a bank card, but just a finger to a special scanner.

In this case, the fingerprint reader and the customer's credit card for yourself to share this information. The only condition — the distance between them should be less than two meters.

Biometric payment system organized by a supermarket chain in Villeneuve d'Ascq, while being tested. The trials have agreed to participate in 1500 buyers.

Many have already appreciated the convenience of the new system.

[Jean Gekere, the buyer of the control group]:
"We do not need to get a credit card, do not be afraid, if it is stolen, because this system is individualized."

Fingerprint client does not have to be made to any common ground or to provide a supermarket. In this case, all the biometric information is stored on a chip credit card. Fingerprint scanner receives, communicates with the card, and the card in the event that all the same, give authorization for payment.

Software company says it provides the buyer privacy and makes the system reliable.

[Cedric Ozanam, director of Natural Security]:
"Biometric Reader is connected to the object that I have — a credit card. But I do not take it up, do not take out of his pocket. It reads the fingerprint and then authorizes the payment. "

System testing will be carried out within six months. After that it will be offered to customers.

Posted on 10/25/2012 by user NTDRussian

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