The terrible secret Mountain Dead

"Tribune", 07.02.2004, Moscow, n21, p.8

Author: Andrew Karkin

Exactly 45 years ago, in the Ural Mountains killed a group of students of Sverdlovsk

Winter of 1959, ten students UPI went camping the third and most difficult category. Squad leader was Igor Dyatlov, after whom is named the pass now. The guys got to Serov, then — to Ivdel, and from him to ride to get to Vizhaya. Then, the guys were going to go skiing over the pass, descend along the creek and go uphill Holat Sjahyl.
Seemed to have the titles of the local mountains, translated from the language of the local Aboriginal people Mansi on Russian sounded ominously: Pass, where they offered sacrifices, and Mountain Creek Dead Nine Dead. But athletes and Komsomol members have not paid much attention to these warning signs.
In a way a lot of guys were laughing and joking (once even ended up in the police for what they sang and they went to the station cap, representing the poor), talked to the locals.
It is said that one of them, an old man Mansi, the students will be treated to "fire water", tearfully pleaded with them: "Do not go to the pass, do not go to the Mountain Dead … There's nine of you will die a horrible death!"
The students laughed at the old man. Do not they remembered about his prophecy, even when they became nine — because of sickness one guy left the race returned to Sverdlovsk.
…Their bodies were found after more than a month. Rescuers eyes appeared a terrible picture. Two of them had broken ribs, another one — fractured skull. The strangest death found in one of two women: her tongue out, and the clothes were … contaminated with radiation. This girl — the only one who had traces of radioactivity.
Some children have died earlier, some later. This is evidenced by the clothes that the living dead with a knife cut to warm up and be saved. Strange survivors guys were trying to make a fire out of wet pine branches that had a hard break, although close, almost under his feet was dry deadwood …
The fact that among the nine experienced climbers to ascend to the top of 1079, was dominated by the panic and chaos, rescue workers became apparent immediately. Tent in a hurry cut inside, minimal clothing — many lying in the snow, even without shoes … All nine tourists died strange and terrible death.
Parents of dead students were not even given to say goodbye to children, were buried in a closed casket, in secret, on the edge of the cemetery. With relatives held detailed "conversations" and not recommended especially to dwell on what had happened, they always instilled the idea that children are to blame for his death. The investigation was at a standstill, and to report to Khrushchev on the successful completion of the case was necessary, therefore, formally accepted the version of the "supercooling" of tourists.
But, apart from her, and put forward many other versions of the death of Igor Dyatlov. The most popular is related to the "misguided missile" fired from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. Allegedly, the shock wave and killed people, causing them terrible damage. The bright light made at the time of going blind — that's why they broke pine branches, and did not collect deadwood available. Fear of buzz and light forced the students to leave the tent. Explosion of rockets and spilled fuel due to the skin color of the corpses, and the radioactivity clothing of two students. Another version is associated with criminals who escaped from the camps, which many in the north of the Urals. Thieves allegedly stole up to the students and killed them, after scaring and mocking. But the frozen slide sandwiches, untouched gun things, the location of bodies, and most importantly — there is no trace, makes this version untenable.
When the guys found the investigator ordered to interrogate Mansi, also known under the old name Voguls. Thousands of years they lived in the Urals, worshiping strange gods and idols, sacrifice, and the shaman Mansi and still commit ritual journey into the "underworld", talking with spirits. Investigators advanced version: Shamans and attacked the students to punish for desecrating the sacred pass …
But then it became known that the tent is cut from the inside, not outside. Footprints at the tent were found …
From the beginning, investigators learned that the deaths of the students a lot of unusual, unexplainable. Therefore, the criminal case was closed. It does not all fit into the usual logic. Thus, it is unclear what was done with reports of pilots who, flying over the Dyatlov Pass, saw a strange glowing orbs suddenly felt the plane incomprehensible strong shaking, they suddenly refused devices. Mystic any!
Supporters of the mystical version of the tragedy are confident that the students killed goddess Mansi — Sorni Nai. As evidence they cite the following case: a few years after the death of Dyatlov in the same area allegedly killed another group of Leningrad, which consisted … also of nine people.
In general, the chain of evil Death dates back to ancient times: according to legend, once upon a time in these places the Golden Woman killed … nine other hunters Mansi. Then the place became known as "Mountain of the Dead".

This obelisk is set on the site of the tragedy.

Not so long ago in a place where a group of lost Dyatlov, an expedition group of tourists under the guidance of a doctor, Dmitry Likhachev.
When one of the participants in the campaign cut down some birch trees — a great sin by Mansi unwritten law — in his brand new shockproof "Commander" hours in front fell off minute and second hands.
— There is a so-called "theory of rhythms" — puts forward his version of the death of students D. Likhachev. -The fact that not only living beings, but even ordinary stones have certain internal rhythm of existence. A person is able to view their bodies to catch only the visible part of the spectrum frequency from 400 to 700 nanometers. But there is infrared and ultraviolet. We do not see them, but some species respond to these emissions are very sensitive. And we can assume that beyond our perception of the world, in those frequencies in the life "rhythm" that the organs of sight and hearing the average person can not grasp, there are other forms of life. We should not be able to fix, but they're trying to somehow get through to us — in the form of ghosts, disembodied beings, in the form of a UFO. So, I think that our ancestors were able to get a single phase with the rhythms of life are not available to ordinary people, and to penetrate into the invisible world to gather there knowledge and wisdom of life. Alexei Bakhtiyarov — son of a famous shaman, whom we met on the citrine mine, hints confirmed that Baba's cave of gold exists, but it can penetrate only the shaman of the local residents who had lived in these parts 20-30 let.Video story about a group of Dyatlova watch

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