The theory that climate change is caused by man, continues refuted

The theory that climate change is caused by man, continues to refute this interesting

The two main issues of concern to environmentalists, are human factors of climate change and the need for a complete replacement of traditional, relatively low-cost energy sources (coal, oil, natural gas), clean energy.

Although the air is cleaner today than ever before in the last 100 years, for the most ardent environmentalists and non-governmental organizations is not enough. Hardly anyone can deny that in the destruction of the Earth's atmosphere and the increase in average temperature indicators in the transition to clean energy sources appears advisable. All you need — a plausible scenario in which human activity will have a devastating effect on the environment. This will be the basis for a transition to clean energy sources.
However, over the years, it is clear that climate change is not entirely due to human activity factors, but the world does not face the approaching crisis that requires radical solutions, which is insisting environmentalists and the Obama administration.
Not long ago, some of the darker stories of scientists have surfaced, revealing clever handling and falsification of data, forcing the issue of climate change. However, this did not stop the researchers: you can always say, "I made a mistake," as did the scientist James Lovelock — leader of the movement to protect the environment, known for his "Gaia hypothesis." According to his theory, the Earth is a single living system, with no separation between the organic and inorganic matter. Lovelock argues that non-living beings born in the natural environment and the natural environment has been created by living creatures as they grow for life support.
"The problem is that we do not know the behavior of the climate. 20 years ago we thought we knew it, and therefore expressed their concern in the books, including my own. But that time, it seemed that the crisis is about to break, but it did not happen "- said Lovelock. "The world had changed dramatically, but in 12 years — quite a long time — temperature readings actually stayed at the same level as in the late 20th century. People should be glad that the predictions do not come true. "
Despite the work of government institutions in the field of environment, which caused damage to the U.S. economy, the transition to alternative energy sources is extremely slow. To all, it was reported that wind energy is not only costly in material terms, but is unpredictable and depends on the rare earth metals, produced only in China and wind power heated surface of the earth at night.
These facts were revealed in the analysis of satellite data for 2003 — 2011 years in Texas, where there are four of the largest wind farms in the world. An increase in the area of wind turbines from 111 to 2385 had a bigger impact on the environment than fossil fuels. According to the study, engines seriously affect farming in the region, which, on top of that, in recent years suffered from severe drought. At the same time, agriculture is the second largest source of income after oil state, bringing $ 80 billion profit annually. In addition, wind turbines impact on reducing the population of birds and bats, and the noise is annoying locals.
It turns out that the energy needed to overcome the climate crisis is threatening the life of humans and other species.

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