Therapeutic mud: sanatorium at home

Mud therapy — a technique that is used in the health resort practice around the world. For a long time, patients went to the mud-cure resorts, but in the 90-ies of the XIX century in the beginning of practice include mud treatment outside the resorts. A large spread of this method was during the First World War, for follow-up care of patients. In Soviet times, it was already widely used in physical therapy clinics. Particularly useful in the practice vnekurortnoy is to use disposable applicator according to the same procedure as in resort.

In modern conditions, are increasingly used pharmaceuticals mud outside the resorts. Modern technologies of vacuum extraction yielded a full range of drugs from the native mud without disturbing the biological activity of its ingredients.

Recently, there are more opportunities to conduct fangotherapy (Mud packs) at home. For example, the sanatorium at home allows you to organize mud TAMBUEL offered for sale in convenient packaging. Modern design, excellent quality, ease of use and high cost of domestic products mud gaining more sympathy for him, not only among physical therapists and health resort, but also among cosmetologists.

Since ancient times, known for the healing power of mud Tambukan lake, located 12 km south-east of Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region on the border, and Kabardino-Balkaria, in the district of powerful Tertiary marine sediments, which are rich in water-soluble salts.

Lake Tambukan strikingly unusual at first glance. Even in clear and calm weather the surface appears black — so clearly visible through the water lying on the bottom layer of the healing mud. Bottom mud, cleaned and finely pounded, diluted tincture of herbs Caucasian, was applied to the face of a woman Caucasian Pyatigorje — Circassian. Experience in the use of bleach and cleaning action of the mud for skin care and body are still passed down from generation to generation.

Therapeutic mud lake Tambukan used in many health centers in Russia. The healing properties of mud determined action on organism organic and inorganic compounds, macro-and microelements, biologically active substances, gases and other inorganic components dirt absorbing skin, are irritating to its receptors and to be numerous vessels. Because of this therapeutic dirt Tambukansky lake has valuable properties used in peloidoterapii. The main operating factors are thermal, chemical and mechanical effects.

Thermal effects of therapeutic mud changes the general and local circulation. Increased metabolism, increased sweating, produced biologically active compounds that contribute to regeneration and resorption of infiltrates. Mud have analgesic and antispastic action.

Chemical factor in peloidoterapii — is the impact of organic and inorganic compounds, macro-and microelements and biologically active substances contained in the mud. Inorganic chemical components mud absorbed by the skin, causing irritation of many receptors, triggering the reflex reaction that normalize the functional state of the organism. Organic substances penetrate the skin, and are carried by the bloodstream throughout the body, bringing about an effect on various organs and systems.

Mechanical factor — the pressure mud on the underlying tissues that can spread the heat to a greater depth.

The impact of therapeutic mud on the body made up of the reactions of individual organs and systems. With adequate procedures peloidotherapy has predominantly stimulant action. Peloids, like most natural healing factors have immunomodulatory effects. Under the influence of mud normal antibody production, delayed the development of allergic reactions of immediate and delayed-type normalized indicators of non-specific immunity.

Valuable therapeutic action of mud therapy is the normalization of microcirculation, both in inflammation and in all tissues of the body. Rebounding capillary permeability decreases tissue swelling disappears uneven vascular lumen is decreased intravascular stasis and mikroagregatsiya blood cells.

Therapeutic mud: sanatorium at homeRestoration of microcirculation positive effect on the local inflammatory process: there is a pathological resorption of the products of inflammation, improves energy supply to the tissues and plastic substances, which helps to restore the destroyed structures.

Improving the trophic tissue, dirt helps soften scars, adhesions resorption, stimulate regeneration processes, accelerate restructuring and calcification of callus fracture, reduce stiffness and increase range of motion of the joints in the fibrotic changes as a result of arthritis, arthritis, etc.

There is also the phase of the consequences — this is the effect of the mud and the reactions that continue after treatment. Of course, the stability of the different responses varied, but it is believed that the consequences of peloidoterapii phase usually lasts about 6 months. Repeated application of mud consolidates the effect obtained. Therefore it is recommended to repeat courses peloidoterapii, depending on the evidence, every 3 — 6 months.

In the past two years, many sanatoriums widely used applicators and Thermo mud TAMBUEL in various diseases. A total of about 100,000 procedures, clinical results are not inferior to traditional methods of mud.

If until recently the opportunity to regularly use fangotherapy perceived more as a privilege of those who live near the Caucasian Mineral Waters, now, with the introduction of applicators and Thermo, it can be made available to the public anywhere in Russia.

The methodology of the mud should be individual — for different types of treatment offered special release form mud TAMBUEL.

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