There is a risk of a volcanic eruption in Turkey


20.12.12.V near Marmaris Turkish province of Mugla risk volcanic eruption, said on Thursday the broadcaster CNN Turk.

This is the conclusion reached by scientists Maltepe University. 12 scientists, who for several months carried out research on the coastal Mediterranean area, found that as a result of the many earthquakes here, there is a risk of the eruption of an underwater volcano.

Was also found on the crater depth of 25 meters under water.

Turkey is located in a seismically active zone, and earthquakes, which often lead to loss of life, there is a common scenario. The most powerful oscillations of the earth's crust in the country were reported in 1999 in the Sea of Marmara. Magnitude quake was 7.4 then. The earthquake killed about 18,000 people.

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