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They live "(English They Live) film in most countries allowed to show viewers under 16.

Once a simple construction worker Nadeau, who is not very lucky in life, there is an unusual sunglasses. Donning them, he gets the opportunity to see the world as it is. Reality scares! It turns out that the government and the media bombard people hidden messages, acting on a subconscious level, "Sleep," "Do not let your imagination", "subject to the authority." And even worse, Nadeau saw the true appearance of many politicians and important members of society! They are not people at all, and the ugly and evil aliens from the planet Andromeda. Their mission on earth — to conduct a massive campaign to subjugate humans at will and keep people in the dark …

Interesting facts:

# John Carpenter hid behind the pseudonym Frank Ermitedzh as the author of the script. Alias was taken from the work of American fiction, William Gibson's "Neuromancer."

# The name of the main character is never mentioned in the film and in the credits of the hero Roddy Piper appears as «Nada» (probably under the name) — which in Spanish means "nothing."

# The role of Frank was written specifically for Keith David, who starred in the Carpenter in the movie "Something."

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