Thousands of migratory birds in the United States broke


MOSCOW, Dec 14 — RIA Novosti. Thousands of migratory birds in the family pogankovyh crashed in the U.S. state of Utah, mistaking asphalt urban area with ponds, wrote in local newspapers St. George Daily Spectrum.

According to Teresa Griffin, an employee of the Department of Wildlife, grebes began to die in the south of the state on Tuesday night.

"They (grebes) were everywhere. They fell without interruption. All our employees are still go around and collect them. Many locals come to our office and in large numbers shake out in front of him surviving birds "- she commented the situation.

Representatives of the department explained that the family of toadstools waterfowl are likely to have migrated to Mexico and mistook the car parks in the settlements of Utah for ponds or other water bodies.

"Low storm clouds over the city lights looked like a convenient mirror flat water. Therefore birds landed to rest, but as a result of broken asphalt, "- said Griffin.

Reports of property damage or affected by the "invasion" of grebes have been reported yet.

Environmental agency staff and volunteers on Wednesday continued the search-and rescue birds. Survivors released into unfrozen lake in the same state.

Pogankovyh family includes 22 species, three of which are extinct. Russian name "Mushroom" comes from the disgusting taste of their meat, which has an unpleasant smell of fish.

Source: RIA Novosti

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