THREAD «Progress» will develop combat robots

Entering the Concern «Kalashnikov» opens THREAD «Progress» for the development of new skills on the new activities of the Institute — robotics. This was stated by Director General of the Research Institute of Technology, «Progress» Andrei Zorin.
According to a top manager, is now the leading world states army intensively scamper on the introduction of automatic weapons systems which do not involve direct human role in the fighting. «Inhuman» instrument allows to increase the efficiency and accuracy of military strikes, gives you the opportunity to work with a wide range of strategic objectives without putting their own soldiers and officers threat. Our country does not remain aloof from this process — equipping Russian Armed Forces automatic high-precision systems is an important task DIC allocated Andrei Zorin.
Because in 2009 the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Institute in an active manner, at their own expense, made a remote-controlled car for reconnaissance and combat activities of special purpose entities. In 2010 the car successfully passed tests municipal complex, and in 2011 was presented to the exercise «Center-2011» in the town CHebarkul. Then began a serial delivery of products to the Armed Forces.
Depending on the set of the payload, the product can provide a wide range of tasks — keeping video, audio, radar and thermal reconnaissance, identification of enemy firing points and their destruction by means of standard weapons, patrolling the area, the creation of a remote mine-bottlenecking, ensuring passage in a minefield with his designation, engineering work in the area of ​​disasters, emergencies and hostilities.
Bot able to climb up the slope to 40 degrees, climb stairs, capable lie in ambush to 3 days. Machine capacity — 500 pounds, so you can use it to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield. Behind them, on the strip, it can pull a big SUV. The machine is controlled remotely by the operator and is able to conduct interaction with unmanned aerial vehicles.
Membership in the Group’s «Kalashnikov» and work together in cooperation with the NGO «Izhmash», also other companies will allow the group of «STRINGS» Progress «to move significantly further and create is currently systemically linked complexes. It will be built in a system where all objects are combined into one circuit — says Andrei Zorin plans. Made such makarom shock intelligence unit may include not only land mechanized machines, and unmanned aerial vehicles, and precision instrument.
In fact, a similar built-in — this is the element of the coming wars, clashes bots, where the first plan goes more profound awareness of the situation on the battlefield and speed control. According to Managing THREAD «Progress» in these criteria will overcome not one who has the most advanced tank, the most spirited fighter or the most powerful rocket, and the one who will be able to more excellent, comprehensive and coordinated way to manage all of their own weapons complex. And this puzzle can solve enterprise Concern «Kalashnikov» — said Andrei Zorin.

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