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"Vladivostok", 21.11.2003, Vladivostok, n176

According to the magazine "Miracles and Adventures"

Occurrences of the shadows of people and animals — are countless. But the technique was flickering in the "other-worldly" Statistics recently. There are numerous tales of ghostly sailing ships and carriages. Progress, as we know, does not stand still — they were replaced gradually ships, cars and airplanes. There are trains and … The story of one of them is particularly interesting.

In the early 90's in the Poltava region of Ukraine at a railway crossing attendant Ellen Spiridonovna Chebrets near the village Zavalichi the strange train of three cars. He looked quite financially and even knocked down a few chickens, carelessly walking across the web. But the doors were open carriages and driver's cab is empty … To study this phenomenon in Zavalichi came Vasily Leschaty, Chairman of the study of anomalous phenomena at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He suggested that the ghost train journey began at another time and in another place …

July 14, 1911 the Italian firm "Sanetti" arranged a tour of the sights that surrounded the new section of the railway. With the Roman train station, walking out with 106 passengers. When the train approached the long tunnel, something strange was going on, and even scary. Two passengers jumped on the move, with their words, and we know what happened next. All around was covered with mist, and as you approach the tunnel, he was thick, gradually turning into a viscous liquid. Going into the tunnel, the train had disappeared without a trace.

Soon dangerous tunnel laid stones, and during the war in bomb hit it.

In September 1991, B. P.Leschaty in their records suggested that the ill-fated train could somehow transcend time and space. Obviously, at this point it put things in writing renowned psychiatrist Jose Saksina about 104 Italians in the week caught in a psychiatric hospital in Mexico City, as they claimed that the profits from Rome by train.

September 25, 1991 Chairman of the Commission for the Study of anomalous phenomena at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine decided to investigate a mysterious train better, waylaid him on the move and jumped on the bandwagon. No one saw him. Nowadays, of course … Unlike trehvagonnogo phantom, who continued to run through the crossing. Now, no one is eager to know more about it.

On the origin of the train and the milestones of his journey through time and space you can build a lot of theories. They say some strange train, according to the description like "The Flying Italian," seen at the railway crossing in Balaclava: he moved from the mountains Gasfort to Sevastopol. According to an eyewitness Peter G. Volodya, a ghost was moving on the mound, where at that time there was no rails. And when the train moved on to the main path, he heard the clang of arrows tucked away for a long time … It happened on the night of October 25 — at the same time in the northern bay of Sevastopol died battleship "Novorossiisk" — the former Italian "Giulio Cesare" by the way … Coincidence? Probably.

But here's another fact — on the mountain Gasfort in 1855 were buried Sardinians soldiers killed in the Crimean War in the storming of Sevastopol. A hundred years later a small cemetery was wiped out, along with the chapel, exploded in May 1955. Again, coincidence? And it may be better not to joke so with the past? The action of equal and opposite reaction.

Trains phantoms appear not so rare. Most often they are seen where once there was a train accident. There are, however, exceptions. Every year in April, on the eve of Hitler's birthday in his field rate "Wolfsan" near the Polish city of Ketrzyn (former Rustenburg) appears ghostly train, passengers who have abandoned vokzalchika go deep in the forest. Other "otherworldly" convoy was spotted in a tunnel built under the English Channel … And the Italian train without returning to the station July 14, 1911, continues its journey. Where is his next stop?
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