Three days under arrest aliens (end)




Ok, October 11, 2001 in a cottage in the Nizhny Novgorod businessman Oleg showed up mysterious creatures who stated that their aircraft crash occurred. And they have to be here for a few days …

Closing. Beginning at 8 N

"Operation" and Punishment
According to Oleg, his "house arrest" lasted three days. All this time the "technicians" in uniform doing some work, and "women" in turn followed the master. He kept wanting to look into the large room where there were major events, but he was not allowed to do so. No TV, no radio in the house were not working. All three days of Oleg watched the video.

Finally one of the "women" reported that they complete their work and soon abandoned it. Then he was startled: "If you have such opportunities, help me, please. As you can see, I — invalid. Can you heal my feet? "-" We can, but then you have every day to keep fit. Be sure to run. Otherwise, the whole body will begin to deteriorate. " After that Oleg was made "operation": the two "women" stood on the side and with the help of some device scanned his body. Finally said, "Now you are not just normal legs and a very strong leg. But keep in mind that all that has happened, must remain a secret. "

Oleg woke up the next morning completely healthy. Skeptic-materialist was hard to believe what had happened to him. But how do we explain the miraculous healing of the legs? A few days businessman in a state of euphoria (it really started to run), and then came the fear: What if they come back? And whether it is necessary to start production in this strange place? Then he turned to the "Kosmopoisk."

"After his story, we immediately went to the scene, — says Vadim Chernobrov. — Carefully questioned people in the village no one saw anything. Initiates were only security guards and managing businessman. Some days we lived in the same house where everything was happening. The place is really strange: you feel a constant sense of anxiety, some steps can be heard, noise. In the most tense moment when we began to research instrument in the house all of a sudden power outage. The cause of failure was not found. When we left, the light turned on by itself. "

HISTORY "phenomenon October 11" ended tragically. No matter how trying, to keep the information secret, alas, failed. The village stood on the ears: "Yeah, we were told that this place is cursed! And there is still the base of aliens! "Soon over the territory and not the beginning of operation of the plant UFO reappeared. Its time to see the guards, but where did he go then, they have not seen before. They were not before: instantly caught fire, and all the buildings burned to the ground. For Oleg it was another shock: it was clear that in this way you have to pay for the disclosure of secrets. Businessman depressed, no longer look after their health. As it warned, once again started having problems with his legs. Began to act up the lungs and heart. In January this year he died.

Still, the point of this story is too early. Oleg recalled that the aliens told him: "We'll be back in eight …" What eight, he could not make out. Days, months, years? .. And where are they reappear again? At the very ashes or elsewhere?


AIF 9.2004


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