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OCTOBER 10, 2001 about 17 hours villagers May Day Krasnodar region have noticed a triangular UFO in the sky. That evening, during the night and in the morning on October 11 mysterious glowing object observed in different regions — in the Stavropol region, in Rostov, Volgograd, Saratov and Samara regions. So far, details of the "phenomenon of October 11," as it was called ufologists were not known to the general public. We give them the first time.

Missing UFO
In the archive of public research association "Kosmopoisk" kept records of those days. "Krasnodar region. The longest UFO was seen over the Red Army, where the object is described as "the triangle of enormous size." The next morning at 4:00 on UFO sightings reported edge of mouth. " "The witnesses, among whom were employees of Volgograd Planetarium, observed against the background of dark sky flying a large bright fireball." Flying north along the Volga River, the UFO was "lost" somewhere near Nizhny Novgorod — more evidence was not there. There and an expedition "Kosmopoisk": it was necessary to interview people, look for "signs of aliens." Polls have given nothing but luck itself came to hand. To the researchers asked a local businessman, the owner of several factories for the production of food products. "You should find a story that happened to me — a trembling voice he said. — I offer to meet. "

Oleg (call it so) was a man of common sense and adequate, but something was badly frightened. "We met at his apartment in Moscow, — says the coordinator of" Kosmopoisk "Vadim Chernobrov. — He was well prepared: immediately showed a certificate stating that a mentally healthy. Then he took medical records of previous years. Of them followed that up to October 11, 2001 the man was disabled, had problems with their feet: moved only with a cane and for short distances. However, at the time of our meeting on disability, he was not like. Quite the contrary — it was like an athlete, a full physical strength. The ideal state of his health was confirmed by the new medical certificate. "

Surprise visit
STORY Oleg about what happened to him, sounded like this:

"One of their plants I decided to make a bend in the river in the south of N. Novgorod region. The place is comfortable and also beautiful. However, the local people it is a bad reputation. There was a small hamlet in half a dozen huts. They said that they had been created some kind of hell constantly. In one of the houses used to live precinct. Once again he saw some ghosts in the house, he emptied the whole clip into them his service pistol and fled in terror. They found him in the morning: he buried in a haystack, as if hiding from someone.

To me, these stories have played into the hands: I bought the house on the cheap and the site itself. In the nearby village of gaining workers and security guards tried to hire non-drinkers. The territory was surrounded by a fence with barbed wire (I am a very cautious), the guard was the clock. The plant I have not yet started, but already settled in one of the huts, made in good repair. In this hut and I was on October 11, when suddenly the phone rang on the local connection of the guard: "Over your house hangs some huge contraption. One hundred meters in size. And still shines. " I looked out the window — and was stunned: the glowing object, as if covered with a light haze, lies just above the roof of the house. While I was thinking, events developed further. The house began to appear mysterious creatures. They were of two types: some are like women in white robes, others — on the men in uniform. They went from room to room without noticing me, taken some piece of iron. When the first shock was over, I began to be indignant: "What are you doing here? This is my domain! "Being looked at me and, as it seemed genuinely surprised. At this point, for me, as if the sound turned on — I began to hear that they "speak". Telepathically, they explained that no harm will not cause me that they are having some technical problems to be resolved, and most importantly — it's not my property, and their territory. Say, this place belongs to them since time immemorial. And put a condition: no one here, and do not let yourself go nowhere. I called the Protection and said that I was all right and to anyone about what they saw the object did not tell. "

Closing the history of the "phenomenon October 11" in the next issue of "AIF". You will learn details of the aliens stay in the house of a businessman Nizhny Novgorod, the results of the expedition "Kosmopoisk" on the scene, as well as the tragic end of the story.

Collage Dmitry Kazakov

AIF 8.2004


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