Three volcanoes erupt on Kamchatka


11.08.11.Na Kamchatka Karymskii threw some ash column of gas, the highest of which is 3 km above sea level.

In the construction of more than 500 volcanic seismic events, which is much more than usual.

He noted that the slopes Karymsky now go hot avalanches.

At the same time, began erupting Shiveluch. This volcano threw ash column height of 3 kilometers 900 meters above sea level, with its slopes also go hot rock avalanches.

Now and the volcano erupts Kizimen. For the last day in the construction of this giant reported more than 450 seismic events. On Kizimene observed continuous spasmodic volcanic tremor, with him avalanches.

Karymskii and Kizimen assigned orange and yellow code Shiveluch hazard to aviation.


Source: New Policy

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