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Eight years ago, American and British scientists who conducted investigations in Antarctica made a sensational discovery. How to tell a physicist at the U.S. Marianne McLean, January 27 they saw in the sky over the pole swirling gray mist and decided that this is the usual tornado. But time passed, and the tornado did not change its shape and does not move. Intrigued by this unusual phenomenon, scientists launched a weather balloon attached to a cable, which was installed equipment, recording wind speed, temperature and humidity. Soaring skyward, the probe immediately disappeared.

Some time later, the researchers returned to probe the Earth and to his astonishment found that the timer set on it, shows January 27, 1965, the date of the 30-year-old. The experiments were repeated several times, making sure the equipment in good repair. And every time the clock showed long past time. * This phenomenon has been called "the gates of time," and it was reported to the White House … *

Today, the study of the unusual phenomenon is underway. It is believed that the vortex over the South Pole is not nothing but a tunnel allowing to penetrate into other times. Moreover, the program has started to prepare a person to run the other times. And the CIA and the FBI are waging a fierce battle for control of the project, which is able to change the course of history. But so far there is no information about when the U.S. federal government will give approval for this experiment.

The famous Russian scientist Nikolai Kozyrev experimentally confirmed the possibility of the passage of time from the future to the past. He bases his views on the assumption of an instantaneous dissemination of information through the physical properties of time. Kozyrev even suggested that "the time can do work and produce energy." And one of the American theoretical physicists have come to the conclusion that the time — that's what it was prior to the existence of the world …

Undoubtedly, the course of time, each of us in different situations his. Here, for example, what happened to the case of a climber. It was hit by lightning. After he told me that he saw the lightning part of his hand and slowly moved through it, separating the skin from the tissue cells charing. It feels as if the skin had been driven thousands of needles urchins.

The Russian researcher of anomalous phenomena, philosopher and author of many books Gennady Belimov published in the newspaper "On the face of impossible" article "Time Machine: Includes first rate." He described the unique experiences of a group of enthusiasts led by Vadim Chernobrov that since 1987 began to study the creation of "time machines" — devices with electromagnetic pumping. Today, his team is guaranteed to slow down or speed up the passage of time for a split second at the special effects of the magnetic field. In the laboratory, the greatest deceleration time was half a second (!) Per hour of installation.

In August 2001, in a remote wooded area from the people of the Volgograd region was installed the first model of "time machine", designed for humans. Even with weak capacity, working from simple car batteries, installation given the time change by as much as 3 percent, as shown appliances — symmetrical crystal oscillators.

Five, ten, twenty minutes — these were the first scientists in terms of staying operation of the plant. The longest stay was half an hour. Vadim Chernobrov said: "It feels like you are somewhere in another world. What is life here, but there is life" out there "unfolds like a space. Generally, any unusual feelings, and that's exactly what I can not articulate. "

This was an amazing event reported no television, no radio, the results are not reported to the Russian president stressed Belimov. However, do not think that it was always so. Ever since the days of Stalin there was a Research Institute of the parallel world — NIIPM. Archives kept mentioning about the experiences of academics Kurchatov and Ioffe. In 1952, Beria had fabricated against a number of specialists NIIPM so-called "case parallelschikov." 18 professors were shot, 59 candidates and doctors of physical sciences planted in the camp. Under Khrushchev NIIPM activity has resumed, but in 1961 a test stand with eight leading experts of the institute suddenly disappeared in a strange way, just "disappeared" in the air, and the neighboring buildings with an experienced body turned into piles of rubble and dust. Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers at the joint meeting after the event, decided to suspend the activities of the institute for an indefinite period.

"Parallel program" was renewed in 1987, and became the all-Union NIIPM. August 30, 1989 tragedy struck: the branch NIIPM on the islands of Anjou (at the junction of the Laptev and East Siberian Sea), there was an explosion monstrous power. His power was so great that disappeared not only test module weighing more than 780 tons, but also the island of the archipelago area of about 2 square meters. km. According to one version, the module with three parallelenavtami encountered in a parallel world or halfway to him with a large object, possibly an asteroid. Stripped of propulsion module apparently remained in the parallel world.

Last recording stored in the museum NIIPM — Message Video: "Earth, Earth! Center, we perish, but we continue to test! There are very dark, all the items are forked, legs and hands were transparent, clearly visible veins and bones. Oxygen is left on 43 hours , the life support system is seriously damaged (crack, noise). Say hello to the family and friends, tell them we love them and are stronger than most! " Then the broadcast was cut short …


"Evening Minsk", 21.11.2003, Minsk, n244

Author: Olga Zharin

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