Tornadoes in the southern U.S.

A huge tornado swept through the U.S. state of Mississippi on April 11, resulting in the death of one person and several more were injured, many houses have been destroyed or de-energized. One of the witnesses managed to film the video raging elements. RT.

April 12, 2013. A powerful cyclone hit by severe storms south of the U.S.. In the state Mississippi tornado destroyed dozens of homes, hurricane wind overturned trucks. There are deaths. Without energy left tens of thousands of homes. In Missouri, a strong wind broke the trees and interrupted power lines. In Sullivan, the storm wind brought down the roof of the local church, which met for the choir rehearsal. People managed to hide in the basement. In Arkansas, where the pace was tornado, Four people were seriously injured.

By calculations of the Meteorological Service of the United States, the cyclone is making his way to the south-east, threatening bad weather Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

Source: Meteovesti

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