Torsion fields — reality or fiction?

Even a person infinitely far from the science at least a couple of times, but heard about the torsion fields and the associated prospect of truly fantastic.

They are called the "fifth state" of matter, they are explained by supernatural phenomena such as telepathy, telekinesis, meetings with ghosts, etc. On this basis, designed fundamentally new weapons and means of communication are made miraculous units with an efficiency greater than 100%. However, people close to science, for sure tell that all this is nonsense, nothing in this area is not designed or created, and the general theory of torsion fields has nothing to do with science, which is nothing more than speculation and pseudo-tool charlatans.

However, hopeless romantics, adherents of esoteric teachings and followers of non-traditional research approaches continue to believe in the torsion fields, accuse scientists orthodox conservatism and backwardness in thinking and published in the media more and more experiments designed to convince the general public of the existence of this form of matter. Want to know more horror stories about the torsion fields? Excellent! Lots of interesting and exciting horror stories you will find on our site

What is this notorious "field"? What is their nature?
The term "torsion (or spin-torsion) field," coined by mathematician Elie Cartan in the 20-ies of the last century. In developing his theory of gravity based on the general theory of relativity, Einstein, Cartan came to the conclusion that around any rotating object has a particular physical field, which he called "torsion" (from the English. Torsion — twisting).

Cartan's work did not get a lot of recognition in the scientific community, but the idea of a "fifth field" captured the imagination of independent researchers and even some world-renowned scientists. In the USSR in the 80s, there were several private research centers engaged in research in this area, then their work was officially recognized as unpromising. Although up to now has not been possible to experimentally confirm the existence of the torsion field (or the results of the experiments were not recognized by the scientific community), attempts to create a theory of torsion fields taken so far.

At this time in Russian esoteric very popular "theory of torsion field", developed at the beginning of 90th academicians G. Shipov, A. Akimov. In short it postulates read as follows:

— Any spinning object creates a torsion field. Strictly speaking, there is a torsion field around all material bodies, since all the elementary particles that make up atoms have an intrinsic angular momentum.

— Torsion field "bipolar." Its polarity depends on the direction in which the object is rotated, who created it.

— The structure of torsion fields is more fundamental than the structure of the physical vacuum, therefore torsion field can affect the vacuum — polarize it.

— Torsion fields do not have the energy, but can affect the physical body, to transfer them to "information."

— "Information" transmitted torsion field propagates instantaneously, ie exist at all points covered by the torsion field of the "here and now".

According to theory, torsion fields differently affect living organisms. "Dextrorotary" field acts favorably, "left-twisted" on the contrary, worsens health. This property of "torsion fields" enthusiasts are actively trying to use for medical purposes. There are many different "generators of positive torsion field", the therapeutic effect of which, however, is nowhere to be officially recognized, as well as not recognized the effectiveness of home-grown perpetual motion, ostensibly to extract energy from the vacuum.

However, the number of supporters of the theory of torsion field is not reduced, they boil down to the fact that deny the existence of this field, too, no one can. There are versions that are actually torsion fields are being actively investigated in the closed military laboratories to create, for example, psychotronic weapons, which is why officially the existence of these fields are not recognized, and in all the works devoted to the research in this area is classified as "Top Secret".

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