Toxic sardines killed 14 Madagascans


7.04.11.Bolee dozen island residents were killed and about 120 were severe food poisoning after eating a poisonous fish.
As reported by the authorities of Madagascar Toliara, located in the south-west of the country, poisoned sardine samples have been sent for examination.

This is not the first time the detection of toxic substances in fish off the coast of Madagascar.

In past times examination proved that the meat becomes poison marine life due to consumption of poisonous algae.

Then poisonous algae began actively to spread Madagascar coral reefs due to changes related c global warming.

In the world it is the second discovery in the meat of marine life agents.

Since March 8, millions of dead mackerel, sprats and sardines have been found in the water near Los Angeles.

Authorities urged citizens in the fact that the fish died from lack of oxygen, "getting lost" in the algae, and insisted that it is harmless and even suitable for use as food.

Victims of poisoned fish consumption was avoided only because the government "did not recommend" citizens use it, noting that the fish has long been in the water, causing it to begin the process of decay.

Later, as a result of laboratory studies biology at the University of Southern California David Caron, it was shown that fish contains a poison.

According to the researchers, the high level of poisonous toxins in fish tissue mass caused her death.

Marina Hudak

Life News Online

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