Traces of ancient aliens




Can byt the aliens have visited our planet? If so, then the material traces of their presence on the planet will be submitted to the inhabitants of the Earth unusual, weird, is not amenable to scientific explanations. On Earth, applied many of those artifacts, wrote "UNION"

In 1959, the Sino-Soviet paleontological expedition led by Dr. Zhou Sciences Minchenia discovered in the Gobi Desert strange imprint. It was found that this print appeared here millions of years ago. In size and pattern is rather similar footprint sole astronaut to set foot on Earth when her still living dinosaurs. No other explanation for this print is not given by paleontologists.

In the Libyan desert discovered a mysterious glassy education — tektites. In tektites found radioactive isotopes. In this case, they show that tektites were born not earlier than one million years ago in a very high temperature and high-power radioactive radiations. But our planet was formed not millions, but billions of years ago. Consequently, the tektites have appeared on the "finished" the planet. There have been many attempts to explain the nature of these mysterious formations. They were considered akin to meteorites, interstellar origin attributed to them, believe that they are formed by the collision of Earth with the head of a comet. However, none of these attempts failed, however, to explain many features tectites and particularly their concentration in some regions of the surface of the Earth.

Most recently, during aerial surveys in the Andes on the Nazca Plateau were found stretching for kilometers strange characters, lined with bright stones. It has been suggested that we are dealing with a unique solar calendar. Some of his lines ostensibly to sparkle in the sun on the equinoxes. However, the overall configuration of characters, you can consider only a very great height. As if they were to serve as a pointer during landing. And are not these lines "landing marks". Do they not laid out for those who were waiting for the return of the Incas, and who may, in fact, once visited them.

With inexplicable phenomena encountered scientists in Odessa catacombs. Here they were found fossil bones of ostriches, camels and hyenas. They were dumped in one of the underground passages in ancient times represented a prehistoric cave. The most incomprehensible is that the bones are processed. And treated as established expertise, "on the wet," that is a million years ago, and metal tools.

But a million years ago on Earth, and the person in its present form was not, he did not even come to the stone age. What kind of a metal tool can there be? Considering the bones are remarkably accurate round and square holes slots, grooves. Cut in half cutters animals show signs of grinding.

Steel 67h67h47 a box the size of millimeters, weighing in at 785 grams. Treated steel 'It is said, was found in 1886 by the Austrian physicist Gurltom in the coal seam Tertiary.
If so, then who could bring again to the ancient land of DIY products and developed mind.

In South America, high in the Andes, in the realm of the ancient Incas, is a mountain lake Titicaca. So far, around this mountain lake remained a distinguishable line of pristine beach — the beach. There you can see the remains of algae, barnacles and debris seaport.
When it went up the bay, becoming a sky-high mountain lake?

Among geologists disagree about the timing of this event. Some of them believe that it happened a few hundred thousand years ago. But would have been at that time on earth being able to create a sea port? The most interesting thing that remains near the seaport of cyclopean ruins and well-preserved structures Gate of the Sun, covered distinctive images and hieroglyphs.
Scientists are interested in these characters and in 1949 a mysterious inscription deciphered. They were very precise calendar Astro Space, but … in this calendar year consisted of only 290 days — ten months and 24 days and two months to 25. Obviously, on the Gate of the Sun captured unearthly calendar.

How many mysteries associated with the legendary country of the ancient Incas! Spanish conquerors struck some of the principles on which there Inca society: the absence of private property rights, contempt for wealth, compulsory labor for all. And if not instilled these traits Incas aliens distant planets?

There, in South America, found huge balls is the correct form, carved out of granite. Moreover, these balls are placed only on the vertices of regular polygons. It is hard to imagine that thousands of years ago, ancient people were familiar with the geometry.


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