Transvaal was the beginning of Moscows man-made disasters




Head of the Centre of instrumental observations of the environment and geophysical forecasts Igor Janicki engaged in the research, "underground life" for 40 years. He believes that if previously listened to the views of geophysicists, now began construction spree. Multi-storey colossus grow like mushrooms after rain, bringing huge profits to construction firms. In Moscow, so it is impossible to build, and the collapse of the water park can be the beginning of a string of man-made disasters.

 — Igor, is it true that Moscow is not on the seven hills, the valleys and on the continuum?
— Geographically — in the hills, and geophysical — on the failures and faults. Our ancestors intuitively knew about it and tried to take into account the geological features of the native land, regarded it as a living organism. By the beginning of the last century, has formed an erroneous concept unshakeable rock firmament, which lies beneath our feet.
In the 60 years of the last century, my colleagues and I began to conduct geophysical exploration of the capital ground to a greater depth and found it a huge amount of helium — a chemical that is present only around the active geological basins. It turned out that Moscow stands at the crossroads of two transcontinental faults, surrounded by small cracks, fractures smaller. Only several dozen. These cracks are saturated with water. Moscow is based on the oceans of drink. So build in the capital can not just anywhere, but only where there are areas of deep land — underground islands.
 — To whom did you report the results of their work?
— I was sent to the director of the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician AP Vinogradov. He looked up maps and charts, and at the next meeting of the Academy of Sciences reported on the need to create a special commission, which then included more than 30 different specialists — from physicists and surveyors to historians and archivists. We have studied many years Moscow and down, and no serious construction is not complete without consultation with the relevant experts. A little later, our research has been fully confirmed images obtained from space.
And we started our work with a very interesting discovery: in the annals found mention of the fact that even during the reign of Ivan the Terrible in Moscow observed the strange tremors, even fell domes of churches. Our ancestors knew that in Moscow there is a risk of local earthquakes.
 — Why, if so, about any failures in more recent times we could not hear?
— Unfortunately, it happened. Here are some facts. In the 40 years of the last century, in a strange way house exploded in the street Osipenko. All blamed on household gas explosion. A few years later a leading expert of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences E. Barkovskiy proved that it was seismogravitational phenomenon. In the early 70s there were strange funnel Khoroshevskoye highway. Hit a seemingly sturdy five-story building, people barely have time to run out into the street. A few days around this place formed the so-called suffosion-karst holes, into which went to the very top of tall trees. There were no casualties.
In 1985, the year in Istra near Moscow collapsed metal dome huge "secret" facility, which was built to test the so-called weapons of "Star Wars." It was a building about 140 meters high, stuffed with sophisticated equipment — vacuum equipment, electron beam guns … Fortunately, the people in the time of the accident was not in the building, no one was hurt. We came to the conclusion that the real culprit of the accident was the cyclone, which was an indicator of this process. With the construction of such facilities all need to take into account and calculate in advance.
Then the conclusions were made. But perestroika began, and everything went to pieces. The Commission broke up, and now in the planning and construction of buildings opinions geophysicists no one asks. Particularly alarming is the situation in the last ten years, when there was a tendency to build skyscrapers in Moscow.
 — How can this be bad? After all, Moscow State University on Lenin Hills, or, say, Ostankino Tower are currently for many years — and nothing else?
— When was planned to erect a building of Moscow State University, designers and architects have carried out a detailed study of surveying, aerial photography and terrain have chosen an ideal platform. There is rare for Moscow stone monolith large area. The same Ostankino Tower, "hit" on one of Moscow's granite blocks. As for other places, up to 1990 there were City Council resolution banning the building houses 24 floors above. Now, the metropolitan authorities intend to build around the Garden Ring 60 high-rises immediately. When I come to the city officials with maps and diagrams, trying to convey to them the information that the plan for the construction of the next home of the giant might be suicidal, they do not want to listen. Say, in New York City skyscrapers stand for a hundred years and they do not fall down, what are we worse?
 — Indeed, the?
— Moscow — this is not Manhattan. At the base of New York is a solid granite rock on which to build even a stairway to heaven — and nothing will happen to her. This granite layer in geology called Manhattan schist, hence the name of the whole area. The builders of the New York subway of hardship, trying to break through the tunnels in the cob. They did not take even powerful explosions, and water had to be brought from miles away. Our town — other: it is multi-layered sea with many islands. Skyscraper, thrust into this abyss, runs the risk of collapse and go into the land. Do not rule out that a water park collapsed for the same reason.
 — But after Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu said the cause of the collapse can not be geodynamic processes …
— Sergei Shoigu — a great saver, but still — not a geophysicist. He did not see the cracks in the foundation of the destroyed building and decided that the earthquake could not be. But it is not. Incidentally, he told reporters that up in a helicopter crash over the place, and saw that "everything is twisted like a spiral." Soon I was called by a specialist Hydromet Nina Shapovalov, who confirmed that on the day of the tragedy over Moscow reigned powerful local anticyclone, the most serious of all the winter, plus the magnetic storm broke out. From above it looks like a twisted spiral air mass and electromagnetic fields.
In addition, the site chosen for the construction of the water park itself is very unfortunate: it is on the edge of the cliff Bittsevsky fault nearby, along the course of streams, are two more regional fault. Developed several adverse factors: the twist of atmospheric physics, the influence of the electromagnetic properties of metal and Geodynamics. Maybe even after the tragedy, officials will consult with the experts?
 — This hope is something supported?
— Yes, we have already addressed the representatives of projecting large firms. Called the mayor's office and the State Duma. Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov took the test buildings erected and soon found out how many there drawbacks. Can considerable trouble if tryahnet …
 — So what, in your opinion, it appears that Moscow — a life-threatening city?
— There are risks, but numerous historical sources generally say rather the opposite. Moscow — blessed place, the heart and soul of Russia, promoting intellectual and spiritual feats. Not only domestic, but also foreign researchers argue that Moscow can become the center of salvation of the world, a point of spiritual support for dying civilization. It is only necessary to know the laws of nature, treat them with the data of science.
 Leskov Natalia,

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