Treatment for Hemorrhoids

The treatment of hemorrhoids.  Collage

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, depending on the stage, applies full range of therapeutic agents from the drug before surgery. These techniques are well developed and widely tested, the risk is considered low.

Conservative therapy

Conservative (drug) therapy does not completely get rid of the disease. Its main goal — reducing the frequency of exacerbations, and their severity and duration. The indications for conservative treatment are the initial stages of chronic and acute hemorrhoids course of the disease in its later stages. Do not self-medicate!

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids at home is possible only if the diagnosis of "hemorrhoids" is set proctologist, because under the guise of hemorrhoids may hide more serious diseases of the colon.

Conservative therapy consists of general and local treatment. The basis of the general treatment, in addition to preventive measures is the use of drugs that affect the increase in venous tone (flebotoniki), improvement of microcirculation, normalization of blood flow.

Local treatment is aimed at eliminating inflammation knots, pain, itching, congestion in the hemorrhoidal veins and blood clots. In the topical treatment preparations are used in the form of suppositories (suppositories), ointments and gels.

Sparing therapies

However, drugs can only relieve symptoms or slow the progression of the disease. This can be overcome only by direct effects on the hemorrhoids. Select radical techniques depends on the stage of the disease, the existing equipment, etc. Sparing therapies used in place of a scalpel all kinds of physical and chemical effects: light, heat, radio waves, latex ring, sclerosing agents, etc. The idea of these methods one: many ways to stop the blood flow in the node, whereby one atrophies.

Infrared photocoagulation— The impact on the hemorrhoid heat. Coagulant (thin fiber) is applied to the hemorrhoidal node in the 3-5 spots. For a few seconds there is a burn diameter of 2-3 mm. Node is no longer in the coming days. The method is fairly painless. After the intervention, patients may begin to work on the same day or the next day.

The method of sclerotherapy comprising administering to a mucosa of the rectum close to hemorrhoidal node special preparation as the caller blocking blood flow in the node. Prick small, only 2.5 mg of funds is done through the anus.

The most common methods of hemorrhoid treatment of early stages ligation of hemorrhoids latex rings. In this case, the hemorrhoid mechanically squeezing, pulling on his bottom elastic ring of latex. The effect is the same — the rejection unit in 7-10 days.

One of the most benign methods is to use radioluchevogo scalpel impact directly onnode power radio waves.

When hemorrhoids are used andlaser coagulation. Use carbon or neodymium laser. This way you can prune and zarubtsovyvat wound.

Surgical methods

In most developed countries, the typical hemorrhoidectomy — surgery operate in only 17-21% of patients, while other methods use non-invasive treatment. At the same time, the most common method of Russian treatment hemorrhoidectomy is performed in 75% of patients, and the above methods are used in only 3%. In large urban general hospital surgery for hemorrhoids perform quite a lot, and in specialized hospitals proctologic this operation takes the first place.

The operation should be done for heavy bleeding hemorrhoids or permanent loss of internal nodes in good general condition, in young and middle age. Among the unpleasant aspects of the operation, her tenderness. Initial parts of the colon — a very sensitive area and the seams after a long operation of classical deliver discomfort.

In step method Longo removes all the rectal mucosa with hemorrhoidal veins. The advantage of surgery is that virtually eliminates the possibility of recurrence.

Hemorrhoidectomy is performed in a single day. Long-term results are very good, recurrences are rare. In addition to the traditional scalpel hemorrhoidectomy can be performed using electrocautery and laser. Selection procedures hemorrhoidectomy is primarily dependent on the surgeon's preference and the equipment available.

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