Treatment of genital herpes

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After casual sex on the genitals appeared bruised ulcers. You feel the heat and fatigue. After examination and blood sampling doctor concluded that you have genital herpes.Virus not eradicate it in your body forever.

But do not despair. Most people carry the herpes simplex virus type 2 — Herpes simplex 2. And then there is other question: why do some people wear a virus years without evidence of disease, while others are subject to constant attacks of the disease?

Doctors believe that a person who is more stressed, depressed, hostile and easily angered, increasingly exposed to attacks. It is believed that such properties suppress the immune system.

Medicine to help

If you have a long-running case of herpes or frequent relapsesdoctor, likely to write you acyclovir (of course, considering all the indications and contraindications). This medicine has been proven to speed up recovery time and reduces the severity of attacks.

If you are pregnant, it is important to tell someone who is watching your pregnancy, as herpes can infect newborns.

Do not hang your nose

  • First, if you do not have too weakened immunity, the initial, acute phase Herpes start and end (usually through 2-3 weeks), subsequent seizures are rare and usually not as sharp as the first.
  • Secondly, Now there is acyclovir.

Strengthen your immune system

Experts do not know exactly what causes the herpes virus in the body to sleep a long time, and then suddenly wake up and cause disease. But many believe that the blame for the weakened immune system. As if this was not a strong bond with your hand it would be wise to support your immune system. This is achieved by a well-balanced diet, long rest, relaxation and regular exercise.

Use soap and water

The first thing that may come to your mind when you find sores on the genitals — is to treat them all, that only you have in your medicine cabinet. Do not do it. Do not use ointments, as they can block the flow of air and slow the healing process. Hormonal creams, in addition, also suppress the immune system. As with any sores, you should be wary of secondary, bacterial infection, but soap and water will help prevent this.

Wear loose cotton underwear

As for the healing of critical air, wearing only the panties, which will give your skin to breathe, that is, wear cotton, not synthetic. If you want to wear fashionable bathing suit, think about how to cut the insert out of the cotton and sew it into a swimsuit.

Do not touch

Although the disease is called "genital herpes", you can pass the virus to other parts of the body if you touch an open ulcer and then touch your finger, such as the mouth or eyes. Therefore it is very important not to touch the sores.

Nutritional supplements

Some doctors say that substances such as zinc in the form of an ointment or in capsules and the amino acid lysine can help with an outbreak of herpes. But, despite some studies, according to most doctors efficiency of these instruments has not been proved. If you want to try some of these supplements, be aware that high doses can be dangerous and should only be taken under medical supervision.

Do not transmit the disease to others

Remember how you got herpes. Now, you have a responsibility to protect others. When you have an ulcer, you are very contagious. Avoid sexual relations. When ulcers do not, you might not pass the virus, but for greater security and peace of mind is better to use a condom. By the way, if you already have herpes, it does not mean that you can not get another form of it. Although this does not happen often, herpes on the genitals can co-exist with other types of viruses.

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