Tropical cyclone Frida paid a visit to New Caledonia

January 5, 2013. Full of dramatic events exit tropical cyclone "Frida" at the largest island of New Caledonia, located in the south-west Pacific, Melanesia, and is an overseas territory of France, accompanied by damaging winds.

According to the authorities, more than 3,000 people were left without electricity. The entire coastal infrastructure destroyed Surges tide. Several roads flooded flooding and landslides blocked.

Two NASA satellite images made interesting tropical cyclone. Satellite "Aqua" has registered a strong storm in New Caledonia on January 2.

In turn, satellite TRMM painted a three-dimensional picture of intense rainfall. The tops of some of lightning "towers" pierce the sky up to 16 km. January 3 cyclone "Frida" is no longer a tropical storm and went to the south-east to the Pacific Ocean.

Hurricane "Frida" over the Solomon Islands at 23:45 GMT on December 30, 2012 © MODIS | NASA

Tropical cyclone "Frida" January 31, 2012 © TRMM | NASA

Source: News Gismeteo

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