Tropical storm Sanwa typhoon season opens

Tropical storm typhoon season opens Sanwa Weather and Climate

Tropical Storm 03W, called Sunway, very close to that in order to become the first typhoon of the year. May 22 Sanwa center is located 160 km to the west of. Guam. As we move to the northwest at a speed of 8 knots (15.8 km / h) typhoon moved and is located about 545 km south of the Japanese island of Ioto.


Sunway from the west Mariana Islands. May 22, 2012.

Track of Typhoon Sunway.
Further enhance the warm weather helps typhoon in the Pacific Ocean, the increased surface temperature and winds blowing in the same direction. The only stretch of land, which can affect the typhoon will be volcanic islands as Guam and the Mariana Archipelago system has already passed.

Precipitation and isosurface.
May 22 wind speed inside the typhoon exceeded 83 km / h Sanwa quite large in area and contains a great potential for generating heavy rains, especially in the north-eastern part. In the southeast, Sanwa clearly visible convective storm towers of more than 16 km in altitude. Upon reaching about. Ioto typhoon turn north and go to sea.

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