Turkey completed acceptance testing UAVs «Anka» of TAI

Turkey completed acceptance testing UAVs  

TSAMTO, January 28. The company «Tyurkish Aerospace Industries» (TAI) today announced the successful completion of flight tests medium-long duration UAV flight «Anka».
The final step acceptance testing apparatus took place from 20 to 22 January.

During the 18-hour flight, which began at 9:05 am on January 20 and ended automatic landing at 3:15 am on January 21, the device showed the ability to transfer data at a range of 200 km in the criteria for a strong wind.

January 22 night fulfilled criteria UAV takeoff and landing offline running automatic takeoff and landing system (ATOLS).

In total, during the acceptance test, which took place from the end of 2012, the UAV «Anka» in the presence of Commission Secretariat defense industry professionals Turkey (SSM) and Turkish Air Force was testing 130 on the ground and in the air.

During the tests at altitudes of up to 26 thousand feet checked compliance Turkish Air Force flight control systems, communications equipment, engine, chassis, icing protection system, electronic systems and payloads, including EO / IR surveillance unit and means of communicating with the system air traffic control. Ability autopilot, navigation systems, automatic takeoff and landing ATOLS appeared in different flight conditions and instrument meteorological criteria.

First flight of the UAV «Anka» lasting 14 minutes. held on December 31, 2010. To date, the total flying prototype was 140 hours.

According to the available disk imaging, the fuselage of the UAV «Anka» is made of composite materials. Wingspan 17.3 m, length — 10 m, the highest take-off weight — 1600 kg, service ceiling — 30 thousand feet (9150 m), cruising speed — 110-135 nodes, payload weight — 200 kg. Longest duration flight after development is 24 h, and the radius of the act — 200 km.

Currently, the company TAI leads to the Turkish Air Force contract negotiations for the supply within the initial mass production of 10 sets of UAVs «Anka»

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