Tyumen district residents complain about the noise



13.02.12.S middle of last week on the outskirts of Tyumen not thundered no explosion, but the complaints from the public about the military's keep coming.

Most often, citizens resent the victim from the blast of the property and buildings. As explained by the AI «NewsProm.Ru» Chief Federal Inspector Andrew Rutsinsky region, recycling obsolete ammunition in the Tyumen region sparked discontent of local residents.

In the One-duty dispatchers Tyumen municipal area since the beginning of the year there were about a hundred complaints — both written and oral — from residents of nearby communities — Levashov Perevalova, Knyazhevo, Upper Bor Onohino even Tyumen.

As told the AI «NewsProm.Ru» Head, mobilization Service Administration of the Tyumen region Dmitry Polozov, a flurry of appeals related to the fact that this year, the military planned a lot of recycling of obsolete ammunition. In 2012, they plan to get rid of an average of 80 tons of ammunition per day!

The program runs throughout the country and is designed for several years. However, if in the past, these works were carried out in the spring, but this year the recycling began in the winter, and it has a certain effect.

"In winter, when the ground is frozen, the blast wave propagates further and stronger. So many complaints from residents received in connection with property damage — somewhere cracked walls, ovens, crumbling plaster. There are cases, when they started to fall out or crack the glass, "- said Dmitry Polozov.

District administration, a special visiting committee, which has examined the houses affected by the blasts. The village Levashi MES together with experts examined 13 houses. However, according to experts, serious damage was found.

"In the villages of the district, in suburban communities suffer mostly at home in old houses and temporary beams erected without complying with building codes, in part — improvised — complains Dmitry Polozov. — In Siberia, any structure must be placed on the foundation depth of not less than 2 meters. And we have a lot of homes that are dredged to a maximum of half a meter. The windows are fixed in some places literally on clay. Is it any wonder, when such buildings are damaged by strong vibration, which are accompanied by explosions? "

Meanwhile, he said, most of the complaints associated even with the damage of property. People are concerned about the noise.

"We are calling even from Tyumen, complaining that shake glass, strong sound effects, children can not go to sleep. Have a claim on Onohinskoy poultry that explosions disturb the bird, "- said Dmitry Polozov.

The issue of redress — complex. As explained in the district administration, the citizens will have more to prove in court that certain steel failure is the result of explosions. To do this, the conclusion of an independent expert committee estimated the repair work. All these people have to do their own expense.

From February 8 to dispose of ammunition temporarily cut across Russia. When the newly resumed work, is still unknown. However, according to experts, the program approved by the Defense Ministry, signed by the President, to cancel it no one can.

Unfortunately, ammunition expired in warehouses collected much. Something that can be taken away for long storage, monthly feedback from Tyumen to Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk region, but there is ammo, which is not recommended for long transportation. They will be destroyed at the nearest landfill. So explosions under Tyumen necessarily continue.

On the current situation the chief federal inspector informed the military prosecutor Tyumen garrison and Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Urals Federal District.

In the near future, possibly problematic aspects of munitions disposal will be discussed at the level of ambassador and staff leadership of the Central Military District.

Source: NewsProm.Ru

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