U.S. climate scientists predict extreme temperatures

January 12. Global warming is already having a serious impact on the United States, and in the coming years, it will take a large scale. These findings are contained in a report released Friday, the preliminary report of the U.S. government over climate change.

In preparation for this major document of more than one thousand pages attended by more than 300 leading U.S. expert climatologists. Now, this document will be open for public comment and the final version of it will appear in March 2014.

Scientists warn about several serious impacts of warming. First of all, it is about the fact that the extremes of temperature in different parts of the U.S. will be observed much more frequently than before. It is emphasized that the increase in the average temperature of only one degrees Celsius may increase to one thousand year of sudden death — because of smog and air pollution. By 2050, this figure could rise to 4,300.

Another danger is fraught with rising water levels in the ocean. In this regard, according to the report, the most vulnerable are such major cities of the American coast, like Miami, New York, New Orleans and Tampa. At the same time, "the situation in agriculture will remain fairly stable, despite the drought, extreme heat and torrential rains."

In the current report does not provide recommendations to the authorities at various levels due to climate change. As written in his blog the head of the White House Office of Science and Technology John Holdren and the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Jane Lubchenco, research addressed to the Americans, which "information about climate change need for everyday activities — from farmers deciding which crops to plant to city planners, planning gutters."

Similar reports of American scientists was prepared in 2000 and 2009. However, the current study is the most ambitious since, in particular, it was attended by ten times more experts than, say, four years ago.


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