U.S. drones have learned to drop precision mines

U.S. drones have learned to drop precision mines

The U.S. Army has tested reset controlled mortar ammunition using small drones L-3 TigerShark. As reported by Flightglobal, during testing UAV threw three mines with a height of about 2130 meters on ground targets. Tests found to be successful.
As stated on the company’s website General Dynamics, in a test used mortars 81 mm, equipment management system Roll Control Fixed Canard, developed by General Dynamics. All managed by GPS shells hit within 7 meters from these objectives.

According to the General Dynamics Mark Schneider (Mark Schneider), tests have shown the possibility of using a cheap relative precision-guided munitions on unmanned aerial vehicles.

First, in 2012 the British company BAE Systems unveiled developed with General Dynamics-controlled 81-mm mortar shell. During the test, the shell that gets the title Roll Controlled Guided Mortar (RCGM), overcame the 3.7 kilometer exploding in 2-a-half meters from this.

In July, it was also reported in the Pentagon of precision 120mm mortar for armored fighting vehicles Stryker. In September, the U.S. Army recognized the precision mines one of the important military inventions of 2011.

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