U.S.: Opportunity has photographed the eclipse of the Sun on Mars




American Mars Rover Opportunity has photographed an eclipse of the Sun on Mars. To do this, the machine had to focus its panoramic camera and take pictures of the sky, like a satellite of Mars Deimos was against the background of the solar disk.

Unlike Earth Mars has two natural satellites — Phobos and Deimos, and Deimos is the smallest. Photographs were still not transferred to the Earth and waiting in line, according to ITAR-TASS.

Meanwhile, Opportunity continued to study rocks and soil of the crater in which it is located. Recently, he had to perform over 490 commands sent from Earth, with the help of its robotic arm, which has scientific instruments, to carry out the study of the Martian surface.

Only to get 3 pictures of stone, which was studied recently, needed to record 128 shots, and hand-arm to — to make more than 200 movements.

March 2 NASA announced the sensational discovery made Opportunity — rover managed to find evidence that the Red Planet once had water. Opportunity has found four distinct evidence of early presence on Mars of large reserves of water. This was accomplished with the help of several spectrometers that can determine the chemical composition of rocks on their thermal radiation, as well as miniature drills, which allow to probe the internal structure of stones on the surface of Mars. In one of them, which received the name as a joke by the name of El Capitan mountain peaks in California, were discovered minerals and salts that form in the Earth's environment in a wet environment. Scientists admit the possibility that once the stone was at the bottom of a salty Martian sea or lake.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Mars rover Spirit spent the day before at 4:00 then to drill into the Martian rock deepening of 0.2 centimeters and begin to study the composition of the stone with their instruments.

Earlier Spirit sent some of the most spectacular shots — he was able to take pictures of Earth from the surface of Mars. Rover had to warm up his mechanical arm, because on the Red Planet, and there begins the winter gets cold. This stop has been used by scientists to capture the Earth from the surface of Mars.

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