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One newspaper published a picture of unusual aircraft. And then he fell to the Editor letters, phone calls. Readers interested in details of the device "UFO" design "dish", asked about its creators. There were those who suggested a modest but material help design team.

Firm "EKIP" was formed specifically to — this project as equity concern. It includes three main organizations. The firm "EKIP" — finance, marketing, planning and control of all operations. Immediately's design are specialists CB "Triumph". At the Saratov Aviation Plant is made all the design documentation, is assembling prototypes of machines. Moreover, while they — basic project investors. If you do not want to read about the development of a UFO-like air tools — you can always download games to your phone for free at mobigama.ru.

The project, if it continues it will go well, designed to billions of rubles in subsidies and pay off. In the future, will require major technological Corporation, bringing together dozens of enterprises and organizations of the defense industry.

So what is this miracle machine? Imagine a giant thick low aspect ratio wing, inside which is arranged essentially the fuselage. Moreover, you can create a number of these "wings", distinguished by their size. And therefore, they can be placed and passengers — from twenty to two thousand people, loads of at least a two, at least in two tons.

— We set a goal — the general designer of the scientific-production firm "EKIP" Lev Shchukin — to create a whole class bezaerodromnyh-efficient aircraft with a new type of aerodynamic lifting body and useful volumes exceeding ten times the volume of comparable capacity aircraft.

This has not been in the aircraft. This unit does not have a chassis. It rises above the surface by creating an air cushion. Then, being dispersed, goes on and on mode winged flies like a regular airplane at altitudes of about six — eight kilometers. He does not need carefully prepared runways, is sufficient ground sites. Are also suitable water surface. And more. The new device is economical. Developers hope to get a fabulously low specific fuel consumption. The order of 10-14 grams per passenger compared to 20 in conventional aircraft.

The specialists of the company "EKIP" invented a new way to control devices and related near-wall air currents to ensure steady airflow around the wing-fuselage flow. These devices, as well as the very form of the aircraft and landing on an air cushion system protected by patents of the Russian Federation. Also filed an application for a patent abroad.

Now in full-scale models are tested. The company's specialists have already come to the final design solutions cars, and on their basis the assembly of two devyatitonnyh radio-controlled vehicles — prototypes of future commercial options. The works are organized by NGO "Energy", the former space of the company Sergei Korolev, and at the Saratov Aviation Plant.

By the way, a great interest in the project show abroad. In particular, representatives of the company "Messerschmidt", a series of working meetings. They were talking about the possibilities of manufacturing in Germany for a new aircraft control systems, propulsion systems, navigation equipment, interior design. Even defined market, calculated the potential profit …


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