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"Kaliningrad's true," 14.11.2003, Kaliningrad, n228, p.17

_ * The name of Alexander Kuzovkina well known in the art: associate F. Yu Siegel — one of the pioneers of Russian ufology, the author of numerous publications about unidentified flying objects. Unfortunately, Alexander Sergeyevich no longer with us, and interviews given to them by journalist Vladimir PROSHKIN, was perhaps the last in life. Nevertheless, thoughts and observations relevant and authoritative ufologist interest not only to specialists but also to those who are simply interested in the issue. Print interviews with small reductions. * _

* — Alexander, now you can say about our UFO? *

— It's all very serious. I think it's a question of our existence on Earth. In what form we will be there and will be there at all? How do we interact with these "other intelligent beings"? In order to investigate this problem at a high level, you need to expend a lot of energy, we need instruments — in large quantities, need deep scientific knowledge on a wide range of problems. Unfortunately, too many people today are considered by ufologists do not correspond to this title. Neither the state of knowledge, no, we say, moral and ethical qualities …

1989-1990 years were marked by a very high activity of UFOs. I foresee that we again expect an increase in their manifestations and appearances. Waiting for him this year. Maybe it will start next. Probably too much to rejoice about it is not worth … It was said that a UFO should stand high humane civilization, it will give us new knowledge will lead to new heights, and so on. None of this should not wait, because our civilization refers to beings of a lower order.

* — One of the ufologists say something like: "If these" cans "are falling to Earth, where they want, when they want, if they do what they want — take water, soil, animals, people, produce some meaningless, in our point of view, medical experiments are hazardous to health and life, and something else pohlesche, then at least in the near-Earth space is no order. " Do you agree with this statement? *

— No. The order is. The question can be posed: is there a general chaos? Here in this room, the air molecules move randomly, for us — chaotic. But all of them are subject to fairly strict physical laws. The procedure is, but he still can not find our brains.

* — A few years ago of a popular newspaper published correspondence, reports the existence of film, which filmed farewell "UFO people" with some of our Armed Forces, Colonel, landing in an alien UFO and its departure. It has been reported that while the film is inaccessible. Whether there was any more information? *

— Did not know about that. On such occasions all sorts of speculation. With your question, we approached the problem of Contact. To this way we communicate with you more or less freely, nature on planet Earth had four and a half billion years to create such intelligent beings like you and me. We have the same biological condition, we have the same vocal apparatus, language, a common conceptual framework, the total or near-total world — and therefore are able to communicate and understand each other. Now imagine: a "humanoid" has emerged as a kind of a completely different conditions, it is unknown whether he has the vocal apparatus — "second signal" — and, in general, similar to us?

How he can "say goodbye", how would he know that it is necessary "to wave a pen"? (As mentioned in the motion picture film) … Clearly gives the lime! Until recently, we have not much thought about why this world is such, and not the other … State of matter in our world, the laws of motion are determined by its values, called global constants. There are about 50: the gravitational constant, the speed of light, the electron charge … And whether one of them is slightly smaller or larger, then we are in this, a new, already another universe would not exist. Change, for example, the charge of the electron, and the atom will take a very different view. And the matter too. This state of affairs scholars have called the anthropic principle of our world.

When the big bang (12 billion years ago) formed a set of universes with different materiality — the worlds in which the constants have a different meaning. And these worlds — the infinite. They exist here, with us, as in a large nesting doll, as if attached one to one. Between them, we can only interact through gravity. That is larger than the gravitational mass in the world at the same gravity anomalies (GAs) in the other. Of GA on Earth — as you want. There is an assumption that the beings of those worlds have learned to manipulate matter down to change their world constants, then, created matter of our world, we have started to appear. In the "humanoid", "flying saucers" — in other words, the visible dummy, terrestrial equivalents. …

Scientists have said the constant constants, but nothing is permanent. As part of our little living, only some thousands of years, civilizations such changes are difficult to observe. But a few billion years ago, our Earth and our Cosmos had a completely different look, but the matter is in constant flux. Even our race (for many ancient sources) is the fifth in the world. On Earth, there are artifacts, the creation of which is difficult to explain.

For example, the terrace Baalbeck in Lebanon, at the base of an ancient Roman temple, built of stone blocks weighing up to 2 tons! And today we are scratching their heads: how they were able to? A folded her when acting in the world other physical laws! Those laws, we do not know.

At the beginning of the last century came to Miami immigrant from Lithuania in the state of grievous mental anguish because of unrequited love. Mourned, a magician, he began to study magic and so on. In my search came across some knowledge … Having bought a piece of land, and began to build a castle — nights — from coral blocks weighing 10-15 tons.

No one saw the progress of construction, but the lock is (I have it on video tape). It is necessary to take into account the fact that the construction he had to transport the "Materials" from the quarry a few tens of kilometers. Then the plot seemed to him too small. He bought a much larger one. Lithuanians needed to carry your castle to a new location — and he did it. Children locals assembled at night: blocks that were stacked wall of the castle, just sailed through the air!

Today the castle — a local attraction. Looking at it, one can only wonder how one person could build it all, without the construction and lifting equipment. Most likely, this fellow also use the laws of an entirely different world. Therefore, only when humanity will learn to manage constants do need financial world and the laws, only then it will reach the true power. Unless, of course, our civilization would be capable.

* — On TV showed "alien autopsy." Your assessment of the situation: what can we "show" to tell in the coming years? *

— I do not know who they were opened there, what it was all … I think that conducts purposeful disinformation. Our ability to think, a world not display anomalies in the form in which they do exist. We see the "shadow" of some processes, phenomena, and not themselves. Therefore, all information from official sources is also not true. They are shown to us in the form of some devices with antennas, windows and other things — all of this nonsense. No it's not cell phones and no plates — it is something entirely different. In America, the secrets of smaller, and the image fragment "remote control UFO" that crashed in 1947 in Rossuelle, published repeatedly. Shaking grooves in the metal in the form of prints of palms, where, apparently, placed his hand "humanoid"!

* — At the disposal of our special services have similar artifacts? *

— What do you think? Then, maybe it's a fake? One of the elements of misinformation for us earthlings? Do you think that if "they" have the opportunity to control humanity, read our minds (I know a lot of the time), just to control the behavior of people, really serious organizations responsible for the security of their countries, acting on their own and are not under their control?

* — You and I crept up to the idea of "world government" not very earthly sense … *

— Here we must remember Grandpa Mueller: "We are at a very large bell." And if you suddenly remove this cap … Then the people will rise in the morning, open your eyes and see things as they are in reality. Our civilization will fall into chaos! Will be the strongest and the most different shocks. So everything is probably the way it should go! All is in some equilibrium. And talking about the fact that someone in charge of the security of the country, is now sitting, studying, thinking strategically, as we would have something like this come up, sort of, do not! I think what is not, that is not …

* — Who's ahead, we or the Americans, in terms of what can pick up after a "UFO crash" copy "lick" with most of these anomalous objects? *

— Americans have a lot more features. The problem they are engaged at a higher level than us. I have my doubts: whether we have any earthly structures that would be scientifically examined, analyzed the subject of our conversation? In America, there are centers with 100 millionth budgets and more. Of course, they are ahead of us.

* — Are the contacts now closed structures with "humanoid", "pilots" and so on? There is also a document called "secret government" — because the hair stand on end, if you believe that the Americans were negotiating with the "aliens" in the 50's — create, share, underground base … How much would be dangerous for the world community a possible alliance with the "aliens" one country? Who would "they" became friends, and against whom? Any sign of politics, ideology, science, technology precisely this state of affairs have already appeared or not? *

— There are some deaf details — in my file cabinet, they also have — the alleged underground bases and the like. Is it dangerous? Yes, we are already living in a situation of, say, a lack of freedom. Freedom — the ability to live the way I want.

* — And we have? Your point of view of the possible existence of evil in the universe, it is reasonable-malware start, analog incarnation of the biblical enemy of the human race, counteracting the lives of anti-entropy form of existence of matter? *

— Good and evil — a purely human terms. In Space there is neither good nor evil. And the devil, or whatever his name is, probably, is, or some other forces hostile to us. In general, the UFO sometimes "good", sometimes not. Sometimes the cure. Sometimes kills. It amazes me figure: 3000! So many people in Moscow annually disappears without a trace. About 10 people a day. What is not a manifestation of the evil? In general, the situation in which there was the whole country? Why not the machinations of the "father of lies"?
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