Universal electronic card in Vladivostok will be issued within three weeks


Since January 1, 2013 will begin issuing "Universal Smart Card" at the request of residents of Vladivostok. In the basic version of the card can be used as an identification document, medical insurance, pension insurance certificate of insurance or payment bank card.

Receiving complaints from citizens and issuing cards assigned to 28 units of employment centers, chief among them will be the employment center of Vladivostok. Hired to work with the population and the separation of the Savings Bank. The project five bank branches in Vladivostok and Artem will be the receivers of applications and issuance of cards.

It should be noted that from 1 January 2014 will be able to map all citizens, except those who reject the service in writing.

As promising in Russia marked services: travel (no need to stand in line and buy a ticket at the box office), the use of cards as a driver's license, utilities and more.

Use the data of a citizen without his consent would be impossible. To use your card will need to enter a PIN. In the member area citizen can install additional protection or limit the use of the service.

Help. "Universal E-Card" — a plastic card, which combines an identification document, a policy of compulsory health insurance, insurance policy of mandatory pension insurance, bank payment card. The information content of the universal electronic card and procedure it is determined by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2010 № 210-FZ "On the organization of state and municipal services."

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