Universal electronic card will be implemented in Russia, although many areas are not ready


MOSCOW, September 21. / Special. ITAR-TASS Xenia Rassypnova /. Universal electronic card / UEC / will be implemented in Russia, although many areas are not ready, said today the vice president of "Savings" Alex Popov in a business breakfast at the International Investment Forum "Sochi-2012".

"Last week, the government had responded to a question that the last year and a half all tried to answer: will be introduced UEC? Answer — Yes, it will, "- said Popov. According to him, the decision was taken at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov.

Popov admitted that in many parts of the work to implement UEC has not started, these regions almost 90 percent. "We have instructed its regional banks through our windows interact with people and help them begin the process of issuing cards," — said Popov.

Introduction of UEC in Russia was due to begin in January of this year, but the date was postponed for a year — on January 1, 2013. The card must be replaced Russians several paper documents, travel and a bank card.

This summer, the management of "UEC" stated that the cards are ready for implementation in six pilot areas necessary information systems already deployed.


Already all of us have long since decided.

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