Untreated sewage were in the Volga


20.07.11.V regional center residents are worried that the Volga flows suspicious liquid is colorless and odorless. Kostromichka Anna Sudarikova even recorded a runoff on camera cell phone.

At 10 pm she was walking along the promenade, noticed the pier next to the second boiling water. It was found that out of the tube that goes straight to the river, stream erupts brown.

In this case, the smell, says Anna, is very reminiscent of the liquid drains. Waste mass eruption lasted about an hour. Pattern was observed for dozens of passers-by including foreign tourists.

Anna Sudarikova: "When you walk on the waterfront, you can see that" Swimming is prohibited, "fishing is prohibited. And why — because we are all just this river and the port. I want to be clean Volga river, where you can even swim. "

Official request — a request to find out what way flows into the Volga, along with video of Anna Sudarikova our program passes to CPS. The answer will be performed in our program.

Source: STRC "Kostroma"

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