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21.07.12.Anomalnaya weather seen around the world. Peru at the same time attacking the frost and drought. Due to the unusual cold weather government declared a state of emergency in most parts of the country.

Elsewhere in Peru, the temperature remains below freezing. In some regions it reached minus 20 degrees. The whole country is covered with ice and snow. Particularly hard frost in the largest mountain lake Titicaca.

The villages do not have enough food and money for heating. Authorities handed out blankets to the population so that people could somehow warm. Since many Peruvians cooling was in the hospital from exposure and disease. Together with the unusual cold weather in some parts of the country recorded drought. Note that such frosts occur in Peru for the second time in the last 50 years.

While Peru is suffering from frost in the southern Urals and Western Siberia — forest fires and heat. In the Tomsk region fire covered more than four and a half hectares. In the region for two weeks worth of heat at 40 degrees. With almost no wind. And in the Chelyabinsk region for the last day of forest fires has doubled. Since the beginning of the fire season, paced the 15 thousand hectares of forest. Extinguish fires using aircraft.

Meanwhile, in the Omsk region declared a state of emergency. This is due to the severe drought and abnormally high temperatures. Almost a month in the region had no precipitation. Thermometer daily rise to the level of 35-38 degrees. Dying crops. And doctors working in emergency mode. "Soon" does not have time to go to all the challenges. The victims of the heat in Omsk are already 7 people.

Source: Channel PIC

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