Urgent! Rogun dam on a crack


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22.07.11.Zemletryasenie that occurred on the night of 19 to 20 July, many by surprise, including the people of Tajikistan.
In the city of Isfara in Sughd sudden tremors destroyed 17 homes. Killed at least three people. On the walls of 8 residential apartment buildings in the town of Kim, a large crack.

The devastating effects of the element was in the village Chorkuh where the quake destroyed 34 houses, the ruins of homes left four families — a total of 11 people.

In Vorukh enclave was destroyed 50 private houses, members of four families (16 people) did not have time to get out of their homes — remained under the rubble. According to local residents, in one of the houses of the fallen cabinet pressed young child.

Townspeople Kanibadama same district of Sughd region have reported that the earthquake caused cracks up at night as much as 5-7 cm on the walls of the Palace of Culture building resulted in a completely unusable state.

Tremors felt in the area of construction of the Rogun hydropower plant — the night earthquake destroyed seven homes, leaving about 35 people homeless.

It should be noted that the increased frequency of earthquakes, according to locals, was observed with the resumption of the construction of the Rogun HPP. In their view, the recent increase in local places tremors caused by explosions and drilling by work on "project of the century."

According to the workers affected by the earthquake itself being built hydropower plants. Tremors caused a major rift pylons erected dam.

At present, due to the failure of workers to continue to work on the construction of Rogun, as directed by the leadership of the republic construction work suspended until the receipt of further notice.

Meanwhile, do not inspire and forecasts seismologists, who note the preservation of seismic activity in these places.

Notable in this statement is as Republican Committee on Disaster Management, which reports that "the information about the incident to the remote rescue agencies have been reported."

According to official information, the only victim of the night of the earthquake became a resident of the administrative center of Sughd — Khujand Ashrapov Abdullah, who fearing aftershocks, jumped out of the window of his apartment on the second (!) Floor and crashed …

Fateh Dzhobirov

Source: CentrAsia

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