USA, California: The funnel swallowed pond

March 20, 2013. Suddenly, failure soil has absorbed pond in owner Mark Korba in Newcastle, California. When he went to bed on Saturday night, pond was there. On Sunday, 17 March, he was gone.

How did this happen?

While Northern California is a region prone to failures as Florida (see map USGS failures), One key may be the fact that the pond was man-made.

For the formation of failures are not necessarily the presence of man, changes in drainage due to construction or agricultural irrigation is known to lead to the emergence of mass failures in Florida and other parts of the country. The newspaper The Christian Science Monitor reported earlier this month after a Florida man on his bed fell into a hole that "drought followed by heavy rains, can also cause failures, as heavy, submerged land presses down on the limestone caves devoid of groundwater. The previous two deaths that are attributable to failures were involved professional drillers, whose work led to the formation of cracks in the top of the lime caves, causing a collapse. "

"People can [destabilize karst landscapes], lowering the water table by excessive irrigation, increasing the weight of the mass of material in the upper part of emptiness," — says Jonathan Martin, a geologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville. "People can change the environment. This is enough to cause failures ".

The U.S. Geological Society reiterates this idea:

"Failures can also be formed when the natural drainage system has changed, and the water has paved a new direction. Some karst holes are formed when the surface of the earth has changed, for example, when creating industrial waste reservoir. A large mass of new material may cause bearing rocks underground collapse, thereby causing failure. "

So it is quite possible when Korb built his pond, may have been violated local geology.

Another theory is the disappearance of the pond Korba was nominated Professor of Geology, College of Sierra Alex Amigo. He also points to the human cause — gold mining.

This part of California called the "Land of Gold" for its long history of mining. "In the past, this area was a lot of mining activity, so that we can never know when a person has made technological caves under the ground," — Amigo told KCRA-TV.

Korb is now studying how to deal with failure and is conducting its own investigation of the history of his property to see if there was any gold mining in the past, near or on its territory.

Translation: Alex Crete
Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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