USA, Florida: Second sinkhole in Seffnere

March 6, 2013. Hillsborough County authorities (USA) Noted the appearance of a second dip in Seffnere, close to the deadly funnel, sucked along with the bed 37-year-old Jeff Bush. About three kilometers away, ground failures. The second funnel was found under a fence separating the two areas, reports.

In the backyards of two adjoining houses formed another funnel, but not as much as the first. According to the authorities the county, the hole is not large enough to threaten their homes. According to official data, the width of the dip — about four and a half meters, and deep — half a meter, writes.

However, residents of the "Cedar Avenue" extremely concerned. "The house we are going to stay longer," — said one of the residents of homes Katia Vargas. "We are afraid to live in it because of what happened to my neighbor. We're going to stay at, and what will happen next — we'll see, "- added the American.

Ana Maria Serna owns one of the houses in the courtyard of which a hole. Home She handed over, but over the years there no one lived. She said that when home was purchased in 2003, in the back yard there was a small hole, but before she did not think about it.

County officials continue to monitor the failure. So far no damage homes is observed.

Recall that on March 2 as a result of the failure of the ground directly below the bedroom 36-year-old Jeff Bush formed a giant earthen funnel depth of about 15 meters and 6 meters in diameter. In a matter of seconds. Tried to save his brother, Jeremy, but nothing came of it. According to him, at first out of the ground could be heard shouting for help, but then Jeff ceased to show signs of life.

Source: — Ukrainian and World News

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