USA: Hundreds of thousands of dead fish near the island Meysonboro

January 12, 2013. State environmental authorities this week found hundreds of thousands of dead fish on the island Meysonboro (Masonboro Island), According to the speaker of the North Carolina Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR).

Representatives of environmental explain that fish — Atlantic menhaden — travels very large shoals and swam in a dead-end rotation of the island Luzins Creek (Loosins Creek).

Within hours oxygen in the water dropped to near zero values, which was the cause of their death. As a result, dead fish was found along the beaches of the island and in the water.

Officials noted that a similar pattern is repeated with a dead fish in the winter months, and they attribute this phenomenon to the seal menhaden stocks.

Employees of the Coastal water quality and fisheries, watching over the territory believe that over the weekend, dead fish are likely to continue to emerge.

At their disposal a monitoring station, which checks the level of the water, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and other data.

"This may be the first time that we have worked continuously monitored water quality at the exact time of the death of the fish," — said Jim Gregson, Inspector Surface Waters. — "Data written to the coastal station? Monitoring be of great help in determining the cause of this event."

"You want to make sure that it is not algae or something that could be a problem to human health, and every time you do not know what's wrong," — said Stephanie Garrett, a representative NCDENR. — "But it is possible to see some of the physical conditions that were at the time, and it is immediately clear that the fish simply run out oxygen. "

Officials reported that the dead fish not necessarily dangerous to people, but they want to keep visitors aware of the incident.

Translation: Alex Crete
Source: WECT

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