USA: normal animals will disappear in a few years?




Genetically modified plants produce irreversible changes in the nature, in such a sensational conclusion the American scientists. According to them, more than half of the food chain already has altered DNA modified genes by pollination or through food penetrate into living organisms, causing mutations.

As stated by the researchers, after several years of normal, non-modified plants and animals simply will not. In America, they can already be entered into the Red Book.

For starters, scientists took samples of corn and soybeans. The result exceeded the worst fears: from 50 to 83 percent of the plants kept artificially altered DNA chain. Obviously, the spread of genes occurs uncontrollably. Seeds for transport into the environment, are crossed with normal grains and produce offspring.

According to experts, the only chance to save the gene pool for future generations — is a genetic bank that will store samples of natural organisms. As long as they exist.

Battery News, 25/02/2004 15:47
Source: MIGnews

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