USA: The Pentagon has set the date of doomsday!




The exact date of the end of the world knows the Pentagon. In the order of the British newspaper The Observer got the text of a secret report on the dangers of global warming.

The document is the president of the United States. It says that developing climate processes over the next 20 years will lead to major flooding, serious military conflicts and humanitarian disasters worldwide.

CIA advisers warn that as a result of environmental disasters, energy supplies, food and water will be reduced to such an extent that many countries will resort to using weapons of mass destruction to protect them.

In addition, the difficult situation — the overpopulation of the planet. Lack of resources, which will increase in 2020, will lead to the fact that all over the world will begin the war, the purpose of which is control over resources. The authors emphasize the fact that the process is likely to become irreversible. George W. Bush's reaction to this information is still unknown.

Battery News, 23.02.2004 15:46
Source: Radio "Echo of Moscow"

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