USA: Tornadoes in the state of Georgia

Tornadoes in the state of Georgia

March 8, 2013. Early in the morning on a small settlement in the county Gleskok, state Georgia, swept tornado. Wind speed inside the funnel reaches 160 km / h Of the people were no injuries, which is not about the local attractions — small Baptist church. Its bell tower was demolished by the wind along with the roof.

Besides funnel dealt with dozens of trees in the area and tombstones in the cemetery near the church. During tornado were damaged three houses. In this regard, about 10 people were forced to seek temporary shelter. Help with families left without a home, offered by representatives of the Red Cross.

The path on which walked tornado, was almost a mile, and the width of about 140 meters. Since the element subsided, the administration encourages residents work together to try to clear the debris and remove debris from roads and yards.


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