USDA increased the dead zone Gulf


18.06.11.Selskoe U.S. economy caused in extending the "dead zone" in the Gulf. Because of the flood of the Mississippi River, which washed away everything in its path, the state of the Gulf of Mexico has deteriorated significantly. To the formation of "dead zones" lead toxins that enter the waters of the Gulf and prevent oxygen into the water, suffers from the flora and fauna of the underwater world.

Due to the flood in the Mississippi Gulf of Mexico got a huge amount of toxic agricultural origin. Toxins — are agricultural chemicals, such as nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides, as well as emissions from agricultural activities. These toxins kill tiny zoo — and phytoplankton, and displace larger marine creatures uprooted.

According to experts, the "dead zone" the Gulf of Mexico will reach 9421 square meters. miles, which is comparable in size to the state of New Hampshire, according to news agency "Kazakh-grain."

Recent statements by scientists about expanding the boundaries of the "dead zone" once again prove negative effects of modern agriculture on the environment. Momentary desire to meet the growing need and demand for agricultural products can lead to disastrous consequences in the very near future.

Source: Peasant Gazette

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