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18.12.11.Uzhgorod began to sink with Radvanki. As rescue workers warned on Saturday the regional center of Transcarpathia was filled with water. In particular, in the district Radvanka cars drove virtually the river. There the water flooded basements of houses. It was also blocked traffic at the level crossing on the street. Ankudinova, traditionally flooded with water.

Uzhgorod began to sink with Radvanki

But in the upper reaches of the river Oh, a decrease in temperature, therefore, the water level should fall. Yesterday, in an urgent meeting held Uzhgorod Emergency Commission, which convened the Mayor Victor Pogorelov. As was noted at the meeting, Uzhgorod felt effects of prolonged rainfall, but the situation is under control.

Storm drainage of places not quite cope with the load because the drains can not throw a deep river — the water level is already close to the concrete parapet of the embankment, which protects the city from floods. Mayor highlights — the situation in the city under control, the catastrophe will not, and the problems that have arisen as a result of prolonged rainfall, are eliminated.

At the same time there are some problems. Thus, of the 1,100 public houses have roofs of local flow in 16, about the cases known utilities and possible accidents are eliminated. Work in progress and to address flooding under the railway bridge, — the press service of the city council.

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