Venus passes between the Sun and Earth

Venus passes between the Sun and Earth Facts

June 5 in the Western Hemisphere, and on June 6 in the eastern hemisphere will momentous cosmic event, a once in a hundred years or so. This is called the transit of Venus across the Sun. European citizens will be able to watch the morning of 6 June (in Moscow, for example, from 7 to 9 am). Well this year, the transit will be seen in Alaska.

Transit of Venus. View from Luxor, Egypt.

The slope of the orbit of Venus.
The next time Venus will pass between the sun and the earth only in 2117, due to the slope degree of its orbit relative to the Earth's orbit is 3.4 'and the more rapid passage of the distance around the sun. Phenomenon was first described in the 17th century. It has been estimated that over 243 years in the cycle of the planet and the sun take a position four times: in 121.5 years, 8 years, 105.5 years and over again in eight years. In the 21st century, the first transit was in 2004. Like today, when Venus was visible in the northern part of the solar disk.

North Americans will see the transit of Venus on June 5 in the evening, and the people of Africa, Australia and Europe — the morning of June 6, 2012.
Of course, the naked eye transit will not look as impressive, because people can only see a small dot on the background of the solar disk weather permitting. For a more detailed view of a dense need a filter to protect the eyes from the sun, or special glasses. Suitable as a small telescope. Some countries, such as Russia, will allow anyone to observe the transit of a professional telescope in the planetarium.

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